Sunday, February 19, 2012

Back in Business

My yoga teacher/knitting friend, MH. was cleaning out her pantry and found seven (7!!! musta been on sale) jars of organic Sunbutter (butter made from sunflower nuts instead of peanuts) and asked if I'd like it for the birdie tree so it wouldn't go to waste. No one in her family likes it. I think I might have figured out why. Not only has all the oil separated out and is nearly impossible to stir back in (I had to use my Kitchen Aid mixer) but the "death" date's September 2009. DIL1 picked up a jar and said, "Barbara, why would you feed your family rancid food?" I assured her that neither Durwood (who hates peanut butter with a white hot passion) nor I intended to eat any of it, I'm using it to spread on the birdie tree so the birdseed sticks to the branches. As an added squirrel-deterrant we mixed in a good amount of cayenne pepper and chili powder. Birds don't have taste buds so they don't notice the pepper, it won't hurt them. Squirrels, however, DO have tastebuds as do all mammals, they should hate the stuff. I suspect that the squirrels just won't care; they'll eat the birdseed just to make Durwood mad. I have a non-agresssion pact with the squirrels. I put out corn for them, pay extra for "squirrel-proof" feeders (that sort of work), and have put Slinkys on the crooks with feeders on them (squirrels don't like Slinkys), and so I don't mind if they dine on the birdseed on the tree--but Durwood does, big time. I try to counsel patience, after all they're just squirrels and not rabid wolverines, but he has this vendetta against them and is sure he can train them to stay away from "his" birds' food. Of course, he also wants to tell the hawk that frequents our yard which birds it is allowed to eat. Good luck with that. Hope springs eternal, plus it gives him something to do when he gets bored. Last night I was so tired after supper I was paging through a quilting book I'd just bought and was chilled so I pulled an afghan over my legs, and promptly fell asleep. So I went to bed and tried to write my nightly prompt. Here's what I got:

February 18--John Sanderson & Thomas Roberts, Dining Room from Kirtlington Park. It wasn't a human-sized room. The proportions made Lila feel insignificant.

That's it. I woke myself up about 10 minutes after writing the last word, put it all on the nightstand, and turned out the light. Ah well. I'm glad that I've got the birdie tree back in business. Thanks, MH!

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Aunt B said...

What a brilliant way to use that peculiar, out-of-date sunbutter! Never heard of it but then I haven't heard of a lot of things. And speaking of squirrels, I'm with Don in that department ever since that one got into our house a couple of years ago when we were gone and nearly destroyed the place. Trapped in your house, they can become almost like wolverines!