Monday, February 27, 2012

Total Quilt Post

I just want to show off. These are the first quilt blocks I've ever made. Precision sewing is not my forte but I thought I'd try it anyway. I made the decision when I made the January blocks that I'd use the same fabrics in both blocks of the month to have a teensy bit of continuity. It's supposed to be a scrap-ish quilt anyway. The teacher is using a 36 fat quarter bundle so all her fabrics blend. Mine don't. I sorted through my fat quarters and actually sorted out the ones I'd bought to go together, I figure I'll use those for bags or placemats or something. I picked out my orphans and some scraps of yardage, and they'll just have to play nice. For the background color of the blocks I'm using a bolt of a creamy white cotton that reminds me of, oh what's that stuff called, hopsacking (with a more prominent weave). It's a bit ravelly but it'll do and it blends well with all the colors.

Here's the January pair: (click to embiggen)

Didn't you know I'd pick red for the first ones?

And these are the February ones:

I really like them both but especially the big chevron one. I wish I'd bought the whole bolt of that blue-green and gold batik.

Now I only have to wait until Thursday to see the March blocks. Can't wait, I'll have the whole weekend to dive in and sew. That's it, I need to go post on my writing blog and then zoom off for the day.

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