Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's Starting to Smell Like the Super Bowl

Durwood's got his turkey little smokies simmering in bbq sauce in the crockpot (I like to call it the incubator because I imagine all sorts of little germies growing in the first part of the process but I must be wrong since they sell so many and I don't see crockpot food-eating people dropping like flies.) and I assembled my Muffaletta sandwich so the garlicky bowl is on the counter. I put together the marinade for his Japanese chicken wings last night and got the tiny chicken parts into a bag to soak up all the soy sauce and sugary goodness to be baked later. Not much healthy eating going on. Maybe I need to get some kind of salad or veggies to have alongside. Is that even allowed during the Super Bowl? Not that I'll be panting to watch or anything; I'll be doing whatever craft I want to do today (maybe some sewing or maybe I'll go downstairs to see if I can't make the Ultimate Sweater Machine make some knitting. Z-Dawg borrowed one from her boss and had small samples at Friday Night Knitting. Hmm, that sounds like a winner. And I can't forget to move the random crap that belongs in my car out of Durwood's van way-back and back into my backseat and trunk. I had to empty out the trunk in case some extra-dedicated shopping or deal finding occurred yesterday on our adventures. My favorite find is a slim denim skirt with little pleated sections at the hem area on both sides. I'm anxious for real warm weather to arrive so I can start wearing skirts again. Maybe with tights and a slip I can start earlier? I have another one cut out but not sewn... hmm, perhaps I'll put that on this week's to-do list. I have too many things I want to do and not nearly enough time to do them. I'm sending out a call for an extra (free) day per week, please.

February 4--Horace Pippin--Lady of the Lake. Lana spread her blanket on the grass and stretched out in the sun. The breeze across the lake was cool on her skin raising goosebumps wherever it touched her. She had spent the morning in tow getting groceries and picking up the week's mail. It had been hard at first getting used to not having that constant stream of news and emails on the Internet. She didn't even get a paper every day. Well, there wasn't a daily paper i
n Bedford so that wasn't really a possibility. The only thing she missed was the daily crossword. Dan said he'd bring her a book of them when he came up on the weekend. She hoped he wouldn't forget. Until then she made do with puzzles she'd found in an old dresser drawer up in the loft.

I was thinking I'd show you what it looks like out my window today but it's dreary with gray skies, naked trees, scraggly snow. I'm not showing you that; you probably have that too. Instead I've found a photo of what I wish was out my window, a much better vista.

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