Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Toy & Playing in the Snow

It's been rolling around in my mind but I dismissed it as a not very good use of our money, but last weekend Durwood mentioned the Kindle Fire. He asked a few questions about what it does and what makes it different from the others. I went online to Amazon's site and read about the various Kindles and thought it sounded interesting. The Fire is $199 on Amazon and then you have to pay shipping... so I thought "nah." He unearthed the Walmart ad from Sunday's paper. They were advertising a Kindle Fire for $199 with a $50 Walmart gift card as a bonus. I didn't even wait until after supper, I put my coat right back on and went and got me one. It's lovely. I have added a whole raft of books and apps, and I've spent a grand total of ninety-nine cents. I suspect I'll have to pay for any music I want on there. I was hoping I could transfer some of the music I own or have on iTunes but I don't think that's possible. I'll have to consult my more tech-savvy friends.

Yesterday Portie McPorterpants and I played out
in the new snow for a long time. She ran away from me, joyfully squeaking the tennis ball, and I clomped after her in my snowshoes, then she'd drop the ball and I'd throw it again. It was sunny, cold, and windy, and I had a wonderful time.

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