Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome To The Circus!

Yesterday after the basement fixing estimate guys left I went down to put a new washer into the cold water supply hose for the washer. It was dripping. I had trouble turning off the water so I used a pipe wrench. It still wasn't off, so I had to shut off the main. I changed the washer, turned the water back on, it still dripped but now the main shutoff valve was dripping too. Gotta call a plumber. At 8 AM the doorbell rang and I opened it to see a smiling young man--and behind him his plumbing truck sliding down the hill on the ice. Not far but it was moving. He sprinted, hopped in, and turned the tires into the hill. It stopped. Saved. He came back, checked out our plumbing problems, and gave us an estimate. Once Durwood regained consciousness we said to go ahead. The Water Department guy arrived to shut off the water at the curb so he could replace our main shutoff. First he couldn't find it, then he couldn't turn it. That means that later today or tomorrow they'll come and dig up the front yard (on our renter's side, no less) to fix the "curb stop" then the plumber can come back to fix the main shutoff valve in our basement. Whew. Happily we don't have to pay the Water Department to dig and fix, but we have to pay for the plumbing of course. Good thing the car repair and basement crack haven't cost anywhere near what we expected, eh? Geez, the fates learn that you have a bit of money put aside and, bang, shit breaks left and right. At least we can pay for it, right? That's something good, right? Right.

January 31--Eugene Cuvelier, Fontainbleau Forest. I was glad to be out of the stuffy house and walking in the woods out back. It had snowed the day before. The fallen leaves were nearly covered with snow which gave off an unearthly light from below my feet. I had managed to get away from the children and grandchildren. Only my daughter-in-law saw me leave and I swore her to secrecy. The house had been full of people for more than a week. As much as I loved to have them all around, the noise and activity tired me. A nice walk in the winter woods was just what I needed. It wasn't bitterly cold so my regular coat and boots kept me warm. My lab, Roxie, came running down the trail to keep me company. We were more than a mile from the house when she found the bare foot of a woman sticking out of a brush pile.

Do you believe that today's February 1 already? I don't. Time sure flies whether you're having fun or not. Love you. Bye.
--Barbara Sue

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