Wednesday, February 15, 2012

See? I Was Right--But I Didn't Bake

Durwood went to the grocery yesterday and bought 2 gorgeous NY Strip steaks that I cooked to perfection on the grill. He sauteed some mushrooms, baked an acorn squash, and steamed that asparagus. After our feast (saving half of our steaks to have another time but I ate all my mushrooms) we had clementines. I got caught up in reading a library book on my new Kindle Fire and didn't bake. Besides we don't really need to eat something big and chocolaty, although I was thinking I should have gotten two of those giant chocolate-dipped strawberries at Copps for us--or even one. (They were big, only one would fit in the palm of my hand.) But we survived without chocolate. He had 2 Chips Ahoy and I had my semi-frozen yogurt and 3 Newton Thins. (Have you tried those? They're thin, crispy cookies in 4 flavors. My fave's cranberry & citrus. Yum.) I'm really liking my Kindle. I signed up for Pixel of Ink (thanks, Cookie!) and and get daily Facebook posts with a few free books to download a day. They're not NY Times bestsellers but I've liked the ones I've read, and am thinking I might knuckle down and rewrite my manuscripts and think about publishing them online. Maybe. If I can ever recapture my writing mojo. Bah.

February 14--Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Diana. "You're going as what?" Martha looked at her sister like she'd grown a second head. "Diana, my namesake, you know," Di flung her arms out, "the Goddess of the Hunt." She mimed shooting an arrow with the bow in her hand. "The one I like at the Met where she's standing on one leg on an orb." Martha nodded. "But the statue's naked, Di. You know she's naked. You're not going to the party naked." She wrung her hands. "Are you?" Di shook her head. She opened her bottom dresser drawer and drew out a small flat box. "I'm wearing this." She drew out what looked like Peter Pan's disconnected shadow from the movie. "I found it in a dance shop." She held up what looked like golden skin by the shoulders. "See, Mart? It's a body suit in the perfect color. I'll pull my hair up and spray it gold. I found some gold makeup for my face and hands. It'll be great." She smiled at her sister who looked anything but convinced. "I'll have to shave my pubes so I don't look all bushy down there. You can help... oh, Mart, don't cry."

What a crap day it is. All dreary, kinda foggy, and there's a crow cawing in the tree next door. If Ichabod Crane rides by, I'm outta here. Survive the day. Oh, I just remembered that Cookie and I are going to a beer & food pairing dinner. Beer and chocolate. I do believe that things are looking up. Hasta la vista, babies.

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