Friday, February 17, 2012

Not the Brightest Fish in the School

I'm afraid that Dragon, while handsome, isn't very smart. It has seemed to me that he really wasn't eating the food I gave him. At first I had some wormy looking things that floated and neither of us ever saw him swim to the surface and eat it, so I went back to PetSmart to find a different food. That time I consulted with one of the clerks and bought a pellet-type food. He didn't seem to eat that either. He doesn't seem to eat the plant I put in there either. I was getting worried that he'd starve to death. The other night when I changed his water (pee-yew) I sprinkled a few of the worms on the shallow water I put him in so I can clean his bowl/vase. He ate it! All of it. So when I put him back into the big bowl I put in some more. He ate that too, and kept looking for more. Since I hadn't ever seen him eat since I'd bought him way back in January, I figured he was hungry. I've been feeding him 2 or 3 times a day since and he's gobbling it up. Thank goodness he's gotten over his anorexia--and figured out that there's food in that bowl after all. Well, since I've had a few chiropractic adjustments I'm figuring that I've got "mouse elbow & shoulder" on my right side and maybe carpel tunnel on my left. I promised my friend Lala yesterday that I'd wear my wrist braces in the day too, not just when I sleep, so maybe that'll help until I see the nerve doc on Tuesday when he can tell me what I can do about it. I hate the numbness and tingling in my hands, especially the left one. I can barely hook my bra and put in an earring in that lobe. Sucks to get old.

February 16--Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, The Spanish Walk. No matter how hard she watched or how many times she slipped into the tent Giselle couldn't figure out how Max made Rogelio prance like that. The music would play and Rogelio would begin to move his forelegs up and out. Max sat like a statue on his back and Ro would move. Sometimes it would be wrong and Max would curse himself or old Benito would call out in Spanish, then they'd restart the music and begin again. Giselle hid under the bleachers to watch. She knew there was no way she could ever ride like that. There was no way the daughter of a clown and a high flier would ever get to learn to ride a horse in the ring. You just couldn't change fate that way. Her fate was to fly.

It's Friday. I have to work. I even have to work tomorrow. And next week I only have Sunday and Tuesday off. I'm so overworked. Poor me. *sigh* I'll be all right, don't you worry about me. I'm strong. I can make it. *sigh*

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