Friday, February 24, 2012

Mexican Squirrels

That's what Durwood says ours must be because they are not deterred by the generous serving cayenne pepper and chili powder we stirred into the sunbutter I slathered on the branches before I added the birdseed. He was railing about them being in the tree yesterday. I keep trying to tell him that I don't care as long as they stay off the feeders but he's focused. See that picture? See the green grass blades in that picture? I went out and took it this morning. It's Wisconsin. In February. That says it all about this crazy La Nina winter we're having. I have to take this laptop to the fixit shop next week to get the kinks ironed out. I try to take it in once a year to have all the corners swept and the closets cleaned out. I should have done it this week since I was at work so much but I was lazy, so next week it is. I'll get it in on Monday and hope to get it back in a day or two. That's the benefit of having a local ISP, I get real time, local help for tech questions and I can take it there for hands on work, not mail it away to some missile silo/service center/tire shop in outer Wyoming. I'd better get on the stick here and post my writing, I have to leave in about 5 minutes.

February 23--Ecuador, Seated Figure. "He doesn't look friendly," Nina said. "He sure doesn't," I agreed. We were looking at a little ceramic statue, bits of it gone, that sat on a stool or a stone and it hunched forward, looking at the world with a toothless smirk. "Maybe it, he, I don't know, is some kind of god." "Or gremlin," I said. "What does the sign say?" Nina leaned forward to peer at the small card lying next to the broken relic in the case. "It says only that he's from the first century B.C." She straightened and I heard her spine crackle as she did. "He doesn't look so bad for someone two thousand years old." "Yeah, but I still don't like the nasty little grin on his face." I hooked my arm through hers. "Let's go look at the jewelry exhibit. I'd rather look at shiny things than creepy little statues." Neither of them sensed the little eyes shining red in the stone sockets following their backs as they left the gallery.

And I'm running off. Later, dudettes & dudes!

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