Thursday, March 1, 2012

Again With the Dreary

I'm getting tired of this, the weather gods better get with the program and lighten up. Only 3 weeks until Spring, you know. Three weeks. Yahoo! That means exactly 5 weeks from today I'll be meeting Lala in Sheboygan for our weekend of walking and writing and walking along the river, beach, lake, city. Did I mention we'd be walking? I've got to research some geocaches that are close to the river so we can hunt for them. I also want to relearn some Tae Kwon Do forms (which are very like Tai Chi) to do on the beach. Lala takes Tai Chi so we can show/teach each other (and look like total goofballs, I am certain), it'll be a blast. And there's a full moon while we're there, we planned that this time, so we'll be psychically keeping the clouds away. We can do it, I know we can. On Tuesday I went over to let Porter out to potty. We always play, well, you can't really call it fetch, it's more like "you throw it and I'll run around squeaking the ball" but it's fun. I took my camera and here are a couple very photos that show you exactly how much fun we have. Giving up cheating on my diet for Lent is working pretty well. I asked my Grandma Angermeier (in Heaven) to help me stick to it and she's doing a good job. I fell off the wagon the other day but climbed right back on. Grandma is the reason I haven't totally given up believing in God and Heaven. If anyone's up there, she is, and I suspect there are times when even God sits lower than she does, so if anyone can drag me kicking and screaming through a "good Lent" it's Grandma. ("Making a good Lent" was her term for sticking to it and picking something hard to give up. It's how Mom had the strength to stop smoking. Didn't I tell you Grandma's the best? She's "gooder 'n grits" which is something Mom said. It must have been in a movie or on TV or maybe it was something an old relative said.) Chiro again today for the last time for a while so I'd better get cracking.

February 29 (Leap Day!)--Egypt, Statue of an Offering Bearer. Luisa felt eyes on the back of her neck. She walked around the glass case as if absorbed in the little carved wooden statue in it. It was that man in the black wool topcoat again. Everywhere she had gone for the last day he had been there too. At first she thought he was some other tourist, perhaps with similar interests as hers. She realized that when she was sketching ideas in her notebook, he was staring at her. He gave her the creeps. When she was finished drawing the dress of the little statue of a bearer she'd head out and hope to give him the slip. What could he possibly want? She had no money and he definitely wasn't flirting with her.

Time for Cheerios. Sayonara.

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vjicha said...

Didn'y know you were a geocacher. Me too!