Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not So Crazy

We both worked diligently yesterday to both keep the reclaiming of 1508 on task and we worked on reclaiming our separate and collective sanity. I made a list, which always makes me slow down and take smaller bites, and worked at crossing things off. I had to wrench myself back away from the crazy train a few times but I was a crossing off pro by the end of the day. We both spent part of the day tidying up the piles, no, the mountains of paper, booklets, receipts, and magazines that have taken up residence on the table. It's more relaxing when it's tidy. Who knew? The carpet installer came to measure etc. and he can install the laminate flooring too. Yay, Kris! We even had him measure our kitchen area, include that in the labor too, so we'll have a new kitchen floor, not kitchen carpeting (what a terrible idea that was!), that we can keep cleaner. Having that new floor will make the rest of it look disgusting but Durwood needs to take baby steps. That's okay with me. We talked last night and we'll make a ledger sheet to track the money we're spending and how much is left for a cushion. That's the part that drives him over the edge, not knowing exactly how much money's going out. Tonight, Terry the electrician will be over to replace a couple of fixtures in the basement and just generally test the switches, etc. to make sure it all works. I told Durwood last night that I'd like to just scrape out everything in our house and start over, he told me to win the Lottery. I bought a ticket yesterday even before he said that. It was such a crazy day and he didn't want to cook so we went to Golden Corral and it wasn't bad. Oh, it's not like homemade (we're spoiled cuz he's such a good good) but it was passable. It let us sit across the table from each other, a cleared off table at that, and talk like humans. It was very nice, almost like a date. I think we both feel better today.

March 20--Francis William Edmonds, The New Bonnet. The first day of Spring was the right day for a new hat. Kay was certain that it would come. She needed a new had after the long, dreary winter had gone. Now that days were getting longer she could feel the urge to get out more. Now that the roads weren't frozen and the mud had dried she could walk to visit a friend. The library was reachable again so she no longer had to rely on Miss Touhy to send her what she thought Kay should read. In the middle of the coldest part of the winter Miss Touhy had persisted in sending Russian novel after Russian novel. Even after Kay sent a note asking for books set in warm places. As cold as it was in Greencastle, reading endless passages about the frigid Russians made her even colder.

That Miss Touhy, I've always thought she was a prig, haven't you? I always want to read about warm places even when it's so hot here that I'm in the air conditioning and in the basement too. Hey, happy Spring! It's crazy hot here, in the 80s. I think the Poles have shifted. No, not in Poland, you smartasses, the North & South Poles. Tsk. I'm off to eat breakfast (who's up for cheerios & prunes? Me!), shower, and go off to work. Tonight's a Beer & Food pairing dinner at Titletown. Cooke & I go and tonight tapas are on the menu. I love eating a whole bunch of little plates of goodies, don't you? I'll report tomorrow but, I warn you, it might just be one, long mmmmmmm.

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