Saturday, March 24, 2012

Slow Learner

That's me. You think I'm smart. I know you do. But you're wrong, totally wrong. I've proved to myself time and again that my arthritic knees suffer if I don't exercise them, but I sat on my rusty, dusty arse most of last week and I paid for it with a week of exceedingly achy knees. There's a mental/emotional facet to exercising too and until this morning I didn't really grasp that. I've been descending into sadness for the last week or so. Not depression, just sadness, having a cry now and again, the screen door was locked at DS & DIL1's so I had to go borrow their garage door clicker, and I nearly blew off yoga & knitting last night. Thank Dog I didn't. I came home feeling like a new woman. Not peppy happy but not draggingly sad either. This morning I got up and did the 30 minute Wii Fit Plus Yoga routine I worked out to keep the sad at bay a bit. I need to stop lolling around and take care of myself. I know it's going to take all week and maybe longer to re-oil my knees so they don't complain every time I walk, but my brain's evidently a quicker learner because I feel like I've eaten a barrel of Wheaties in the disposition department. Halle-frickin'-lujah. (how come I can never remember how to spell "hallelujah"? I look it up every time.) Soon as this is posted I'll shower, then eat, (maybe eat, then shower) then meet Cookie, Z-dawg & Cookie's mom (who we have to give a street name to) are meeting at a quilt show for a look-see. (I am putting $20 into a pocket and that's all I'm allowing myself to spend. I spent evry last dime I had at Artigras and I'm not repeating that today. Besides I don't have room for more fabric in my armoire.) I need to be home by noon because DS is coming then to help me get the stinky carpet out of 1508's basement and carry up some boxes of books so I can take them to Goodwill. THEN I'm going right back downstairs to make lotion with the new citrus essential oils I got yesterday and put that lotion in the new, big, 8 oz. bottles that I ordered too. Ah, I can't wait to smooth my skin with citrus-y goodness. I'm putting aloe juice in too so that the lotion's even nicer. I'm a genius. Just ask me. Slow, but a genius. Tomorrow I'm devoting to sewing. There will be photos over on my knitting blog tomorrow. Check it out.

March 23--India, Melancholy Courtesan. India was hot and muggy. It was hard to get away from the heat and humidity. Even in an air-conditioned place moisture seeped in. Carpets and upholstery were all damp and clothing left too long in the closet got mildewed. Leather shoes became lumps of furry mold in no time at all. Evelyn and Josephine had been in India since the end of the reign of the British Raj and had lived there their whole lives. They'd lived through a lot of changes in governments and still all they grumbled about was the weather.

Crying, sadness, and yoga make me tired. In the middle of this tiny bit of writing is a long, scribble from when I dozed off in mid-thought. You know your story's going nowhere when even you fall asleep in the middle of it. Hasta la vista, babies.

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