Saturday, March 10, 2012

Smells Like Spring

Durwood just left for the grocery store so I flung open the patio door to let the air in. Ahhhh, heavenly. The temp's around 50 and the sun's blazing out of a blue sky with a few puffy clouds way up high for atmosphere. It's windy too so the wind chime is making lovely music.

Skully, Cookie & I went to Artigras this morning. We strolled around all the booths. I found way too many pretty things to buy. First thing I swapped my broken baking stone for a not-broken one.

Right across the
aisle was my favorite potter. (Wasn't that lucky?) I got 3 bread & butter size plates and 3 mise en place bowls. They'd be good for sauces or dipping too but I like to use my French when I can.

I found these earrings and couldn't leave them behind. A wicker basket makes a nice display place, doesn't it?

But the piece de resistance was this little pendant with its warm and fuzzy sentiment engraved on it. Who could resist?

I've been knitting too, really I have. See? I'v
e knitted 2 Striped Vessels and I have another on the needles, a bigger one. They'll all be felted once I have enough of them done. (Don't ask how many there are in an "enough," I don't know.)

My Maple Tree Scarf has completed its 10th week and is looking mighty fine. I love the colors in it, but can't wait until the first pale greens of Spring pop out.

Cookie asked what the tree looks like in Fall and I couldn't describe it, so I told her I'd put a picture on the blog. Here ya go, Cookie.

At the knitting guild meeting on Thursday night my friend Z-Dawg gave me something. It's a skein of yarn that she spun herself. Now, she's only been spinning on a wheel for a few weeks and she seems to be a natural. I can not imagine being able to produce yarn like this so quickly or be willing to give it away so soon. I'd still be sitting in a pile of it, rocking it in my arms, and crooning, "my precious" to it night and day. Thanks, Z-Dawg, I'm headed right over to Ravelry to see what I can make with it.

In other crafting news, I got a cork board, a spool of ribbon, and some muslin at Hobby Lobby the other day, and put together a pin board yesterday afternoon. I still need to hot glue so
me buttons over the staples where the ribbons cross, but I'm likiing it. Maybe I'll get it hung up tomorrow, or even later today, once I find and glue the buttons.

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