Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Creaky Old Lady Here

What is it with me? I'm active--I walk, I work around the house, I play fetch with Porter, I do yoga--and this week my thighs and knees and calves are in... well, they're in revolt. Parts of me hurt (like the outside of my left calf) that never hurt. I spent yesterday afternoon walking around the property picking up trash that had blown in from the neighborhood dumpsters and litterbugs. I got down on my knees to carefully pick up the broken vase and glass pebbles that someone broke against the privacy fence, and I crawled around taking flower pictures, getting down to their level and right in their faces. I had a fantabulous walk in the AM with Skully and Porter, we saw a baby muskrat (Porter wanted to adopt it or at least play with it, she was very interested in it), that should have helped, right? And it did, for a while. I was back and forth from 1508, consulting with Spanky about what needed to be done before the flooring guy came today, etc., went to Menards for replacement light fixtures and stopping for a bit of extemporaneous fabric buying on the way home, then busying around here taking down the birdie tree for the season, raking the leaves from in front of the retaining wall, going over to play a little fetch with Porter, making supper. You know, normal stuff, so why are my legs sore? I'm blaming the wind and abrupt weather changes. I've been able to predict the weather with my right knee for quite a while, maybe the rest of my lower extremities felt left out and are jumping on the bandwagon. Anyway, here are some pictures to go with this rant. (The one of Porter sprawled on DS & DIL's kitchen floor just might be my favorite granddog picture of all time.)

It's week #12 of the Maple Tree Scarf. Mardi, you'll be happy to know I saw a robin in my tree this morning, there will be a tiny flash of orange red appearing in tonight's rows.

I finally finished the third and biggest of my color stripe vessels made to date night before last. Z-Dawg untangling the tangle Porter made of the gray skein made that possible. Next I want to make something in the middle, size-wise. I think I'll start with a nice spring green.

See the remnants I bought yesterday? I lovelovelove the chicken line drawing one, the velour upholstery one, the scorpion one, and the ginkgo one. I'm kind of meh about the yellow cabbage rose one but it will find its way into a project, I have faith.

The most exciting, well, maybe not the most exciting (I'm pretty pumped about all the new flooring at 1508) but a pretty exciting arrival was a box containing 3-1# bags of quilt fabric scraps. It's mostly strips which is exactly what I need to make the March quilt blocks (that may not get made in March but I'm going to bear down on Friday and Sunday to see if I can do it). I couldn't resist them, they're only $1.50/bag from If they don't have any in stock they'll email you when they do. That's what I did and it worked great. Squee!

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