Monday, March 12, 2012


You have to see what I'm making with Z-Dawg's handspun.

It's Z-Cowl!

I found the pattern on Ravelry yesterday, cast on, and it's zooming along. I've saved some of the red and white (hopefully half) for the other end of the cowl. I totally love how it's knitting up. I've never made or worn a cowl so I'm knitting like the wind to get it down before real Spring sets in and it's too warm to wear it.

The next, larger Color Stripe Vessel is growing too. I'm looking forward to having them to put small doodads into on my yarn shelf or the coffee table.

And it's raining. That's a good thing because I saw that the rhubarb is poking its tiny pink noses out of the ground, rain will be good for it. True Spring must be on the way if the rhubard's growing. Pies are on the way!

I finished the Pinboard to hang in my studio. I had three small bags of wooden buttons that I placed and re-placed on the ribbon intersections until I was satisfied, then I hot glued them in place, burning 3 of my fingers on just one button. I am grace and dexterity personified. I like the way it turned out and can see it'll be a great place to post ideas and instructions. Plus it makes the space look good. More studio-y and less basement-y.

I forgot to photograph the pottery buttons I got at Artigras on Saturday. The biggest one is a bit smaller than a jelly jar lid. I think they'll be just perfect on knitted shawls or felted purses, don't you?

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vjicha said...

Love the pinboard. Way to go!