Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Remember last week when I was talking (complaining? whining?) about it being too warm for the season? Well, that's over. In spades. It's forty degrees today with a sharp, gusty wind coming screaming out of the North. Skully and I went walking this morning and I was glad to have my hat and fingerless mitts. Didn't wear a winter coat, only a fleece jacket, but then I work up a good amount of heat when I walk anyway. This was Porter's first long walk wearing her knock-off brand Halti and it worked like a charm. She trotted right at my left side the whole way. I let her go once and she tried to run but I had the leash short so she just flipped herself to the side. I have some special bleu cheese & liver treats that she gets one of when the Halti goes on, one at the furthest end of our walk, and one when we're back at the car just before I take it off. Soon she'll connect wearing it with those yummy treats and I'll win. My back thanks whoever invented that very humane way of controlling an exuberant dog. I don't really mind too much it being chilly again. I kind of missed bundling up, missed that gradual transition from pseudo-winter to spring. DS & DIL1 built Penny, their remaining chicken, a new, improved coop on Sunday since Porter was determined to get into the old one. They also bought a $50 kit for a little electric fence that's outside of the coop. Evidently Miss Porter investigated yesterday and didn't like it one bit. I get to go over and let her out to potty later so I'll get to see her avoidance technique. Poor little goggie, everyone's making her change her behavior. Seems she's not the pack leader anymore. Too bad, so sad. I did realize this morning that I need to make a "doggie" bag for my car to keep the Halti, treats, the box of dollar store poop bags I got, and my spare squeaky ball. Beverly (the HHR, which, btw, stands for "Heritage High Roof") likes things tidy.

March 26--India, Pan Box in the Shape of a Duck. Martha watched the mama duck lead her ducklings across the lawn and down to the river. She strolled along behind and watched them cluster in the reeds on shore until the raucous quacking of the mama lured them into the flowing water. The ducklings bobbed and bumped together but they eventually got themselves organized into an orderly line behind their mother.

I had visions of a body in those reeds too but fell asleep before I got there. Maybe next time I won't fall dead asleep as soon as my head gets anywhere near the pillow. Stay warm or stay cool, but stay safe.

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Aunt B said...

What happened to Henny??? Hope Porter didn't have anything to do with it! Glad you have the wonderful new halter-thing. Sounds perfect.