Saturday, March 31, 2012

Something Has To Change

Either I need to go to bed earlier or... or... well, something's gotta change, that's all.  Because once I climb between the sheets lately I can't keep my eyes open.  Can't keep 'em open.  Night before last I managed to scribble one sentence, ONE (okay, two, but seriously, really?), before it was lights out, and last night wasn't much better.  Things should improve drastically after today though.  Spanky's coming over to help Durwood get all the little, nit-picky things done next door (I have to work) and then on Tuesday the new tenant's supposed to move in.  I met her and liked her, Durwood did too, obviously since he's agreed to rent to her and he's much pickier than I am.  I'm taking my sewing machine to work with me to finish one of the projects I wanted to finish this weekend.  It's just sewing bar tacks every 6" across a duvet so the fabric, batting, and backing stay together.  That shouldn't be too hard to do at work.  Then I can focus on sewing the March quilt blocks (on April 1--April Fool!) tomorrow.  Tsk, can you believe that it's the end of March already?  That week of June weather really bollixed up my perception of what time of year it is, but I'm still not convinced that it's going to be April tomorrow.  I feel like I want to turn everything off around me, stop going to work, send Durwood off someplace, unplug all the TVs, and set my phone so it only calls out, and just regroup.  My mental feels fuzzy, off step, and I want to get back on track, some track, any track instead of this muddy, foggy, befuddled one I seem to be stuck on.  Getting paid 6 months' rent in advance on Monday should remove some of that fog, going to Sheboygan next Thursday for 3 nights with Lala should help too, as should driving away to visit DD & DIL2 in a couple weeks.  Durwood and I agree that we need to "get out of Dodge" for a few nights and seeing the girls, eating BBQ out in the wilds of Kentucky, and going to the racetrack to bet on the thoroughbreds (only $2 a race, don't worry) should be just the ticket.  Besides, we both get a lot of good out of riding long distances in the car together.  I had a nice big cry last night (for anyone keeping track) so things are looking up.  Hey, it's better out than in.

March 29--Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, Don Manuel Osorio Manriquede Zuniga. Manny loved his birds.  He kept the small green cage of finches beside him whenever he could.

See?  Pathetic.  That's an interesting story start and I fell dead asleep.  I'm such a disappointment to myself.

March 30--Andre-Charles Boulle, Clock.  Time is elusive, sly as it slinks past making no sound.  Men had been making clock for centuries trying to trap time and bend it to their bidding.  No matter how complex or streamlined, ornate or plain they made the clocks time marched on.

That's better--a little better anyway.  Still I took a half hour nap between the first 2 sentences and the last one.  I have to do better.  And I will.  One of these days.  Time to shower.  Don't think of me all wet and naked.  Just don't.

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Aunt B said...

Love that new floor! And there are wonderful "foot saving" mats out there that should satisfy D. So glad to hear you have a tenant all set and ready to go.