Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stuff I Made & Stuff To Be Made

I made lotion. I did! I love my homemade lotion, it smells nice, I can control what's in it, and feels great. I ordered some bigger bottles and new citrus essential oils last week so I had to try them out. I thought you might like to see the process so here's a little photo montage of my lotion making. Here's my lab (it doubles as the laundry area). I keep all the Pyrex cups, measuring spoons, even the microwave exclusively for lotion making.

I substitute aloe juice for half of the water. It's great for your skin. And
I use olive, almond, or sunflower oil.

The dry-ish ingredients--waxes,
emulsifiers, glycerin--are added next. Then it's into the microwave for heating to near boiling.

A stick blender (used only for this) blends it all together and also blends in the germicide.

Usually I mix in the fragrance when I add the Germall, but this time I put the essential oil into the bottle since I made such a small amount of each fragrance. As the lotion cools it needs to be shaken so that it remains in solution.

Then I make cool labels on Print Shop, stick them on, and put tape over it so the ink doesn't run. Just like real lotion! It feels so good, on my skin and that I made it myself.

I went to the Evergreen Quilt show with Cookie, Z-Dawg, and Cookie's mom, 4Bs (Big Bad Biker Bitch--she's a very nice lady, but Big Bad Biker Nice Lady just doesn't have the same ring) and I was very proud, I am very proud that I brought three of my $25 home. It cost five bucks to get in, then I got a cool bag pattern, four fat quarters for only $5, and a half-pound of scraps of fabri
c for two bucks. Two bucks! And I picked out mostly batiks. I'm happy to say that of the 3 shops/booths I bought from, two of them are in Green Bay. Now I just need to find time to sew up all this stuff--because I need to do the March quilt blocks yet and I want to make more flannel & linen duvets, and...and...and. I want to knit too. Gah! I hope someone's working on my idea to have another weekday not for work but for crafting. Maybe two?

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