Monday, March 5, 2012

A Porter-Free Post

Because yesterday was a Porter-free day. That's the only reason, believe me, because I am totally googly-eyed over that mutt. I am amazed at myself. I don't like dogs, anyone who knows me can tell you that. I am afraid of them. They jump on you and run around, shedding and pooping in the yard. They lick (uck, dog lick) and you have to put your hand in their mouth to take things away from them. Porter does all that stuff, in spades, and she does it on/to/with me and I think it's charming. What am I going to be like when DS & DIL1 have a baby??? They'll have to put me in a cage. I had the most fun day yesterday. I played with fabric, making a flannel & linen duvet for couch snuggling. It turned out wonderfully, soft and warm and the right size for wrapping up in but not too big to fold easily at the end of the day. I have ideas for making improvements/alterations in the pattern and I want to make at least 3 more, maybe more. Can you say "duvet jag"? (Anyway, JoAnn has flannel for $1.99/yd. this week and Hancock has batting 30% off. I can totally do this.) Then I pulled out all my scraps with the colors that my Monster Pouch swap partner likes and tried to figure out what to do. I had an idea so I got to work. I dug around and pulled out an old bag pattern from the early 90s to use as a template (I was afraid I'd make it too small if I designed it on my own) and got to work. (ooh, I just had an idea how to fix the lining like I want it, wait while I make a note...) Okay, I'm back. Where was I? Oh, yeah, and while I did all that I did all the laundry. I need to find a speaker dock for my iPod Touch so I can listen to music or an audiobook while I'm sewing and not need to use earbuds. DIL1's mom, HZ, sent two servings of Taco Soup with all the fixings home with us last Sunday. We had it for lunch yesterday and it was totally yummy. Thanks a lot, HZ, you're the best! (yes, I have my "thank you for the soup" note written and ready to mail at work today. HZ is a firm believer in writing thank you notes. she's made me much more aware of how nice it is to get them so I've gotten back into the habit of sending them. that's just one of the reasons I'm glad HZ & JZ came into our life.) In the Excellent News dept., neither DD & DIL2 (and North, Sully, George & Rummi, our Kentucky grand-pets) nor TM & PM were injured or had any property damage in Saturday's wave of tornadoes that slammed through Kentucky. We are all greatly relieved. I hope all of you can say the same.

March 4--Germany, Nuremburg, Tournament Book. The woods were filled with birdsong and the sound of horses. Mal and Lil crouched in the thicket, barely breathing, while they watched the road. They were back to back, one inhaling, the other exhaling, hardly needing to talk; the way it had been since they were born. Their dog, Rai, lay beside them, his sleek black coat blending into the shadows. Rai seldom barked and walked between the children, part of their silent bond. A sharp indrawn breath was all that was needed to put the trio on alert. Hooves pounded toward them on the dry, dirt road less than ten feet from their hide. The dappled sunlight flashed on the red and gold raiment of the rider. His helm bore the owl device of the Karmour of Bedantine and his trailing attendants wore cloaks embroidered with birds of prey. The last in line rode more slowly and carried the nobleman's falcon on his leather-clad arm. As soon as they were certain no one else would pass, Mal, Lil, and Rai crept from their hiding place and raced along secret ways back to Willow Grove to spread the word.

Time for reading the paper, eating cheerios and prunes, showering, dressing and going to work when all I want to do is go back downstairs and play with my monster pouch design. *sigh* I am so ill-used by life. A bientot, cheries.

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