Thursday, March 15, 2012

Now That Spring's On The Way...

... I'm nearly done with Z-Cowl. I can't wait to finish it and put it in a sink of wool wash for a little soak, then pat it dry on a nice, fluffy towel, and then put it on. I know it's going to look smashing on me. You think so too, I can tell.

This morning on my way over to put a few lightbulbs into 1508 I saw this cheerful little bouquet had appeared overnight.

It was a welcome sight since this is the tip of the iceberg of what Durwood saw when he went in yesterday. *sigh* He had the locks changed yesterday. He's got the plumber and painter on the job. I need to call our electrician to set up a visit. We picked out laminate, wood-looking flooring for the kitchen, entries, and bath, and carpeting for the hall, bedrooms, and living room last, now we contact an installer to get that ball rolling. We were going to try to save it in two of the rooms but we've realized that the new carpet will make the old look even older. *double sigh* It's not the end of the world, at least there are no holes in the walls and they didn't take the light fixtures. We will survive and even triumph. I have a good feeling.

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Aunt B said...

Words fail me!!! How can people be so irresponsible?? Hope the security deposit covers at least most of the work you'll have to do! So sorry you guys have to contend with all that.