Friday, March 23, 2012

Floors **edited due to brain drain**

Calmness has descended upon me. The duct sucking guy came, made a hellacious amount of noise, and left. Durwood cleaned the vent covers and I screwed them back into place. We pigged out on Coney Dogs (sloppy joe with hot dogs on buns) for lunch, then Durwood had to go off to have a chest x-ray to make sure his infection is on the run. I carried the 15 boxes of laminate flooring from the back of Durwood's van into the rental garage so that it's ready for the installer on Tuesday and takes all that weight off the van's springs. Here's a picture of the carpet and flooring we picked out. The laminate is for the kitchens and the rental dinette, the slate tile is for the bathroom and entry, the dark brown carpet's for the master, the lighter is for the 2nd bedroom ** No, No, No--the dark brown's for the living room and the light & shaggy's for the bedrooms**, and we've got a remnant for the hall that's a sculptured tan berber. All the rooms in the rental side will be the Ivory Mist on the card on the right, eggshell for the bedrooms and living room and semi-gloss for the hall, bath, and bedroom. I think it'll look nice once it's done, which should be the end of next week. Whew.

For some very frustrating reason, McAfee has decided that my Hotmail account is haunted or something so it won't open. It did earlier today, but not now. Pissing me off? You bet. That's it for today. Didn't write last night, it was too late and I wanted to go to sleep holding hands with the old guy.

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