Saturday, March 3, 2012

Snow, Yoga, Knitting, Snowblowing, Dog Sitting

(Porter and I walked along the George Kress Greenway along Baird Creek yesterday morning. There's a timber bridge across the creek. She didn't really want to cross it. She really didn't want to cross it. I think the caption of this picture should be "I can't see you. I can't hear you." She eventually bowed to my higher position on the food chain and came along, but she didn't dawdle and the return a few minutes later was a non-event. Dogs.)

The 5 words of the post's title are my 5 reasons (not excuses, reasons) why I didn't write last night. It started to snow around 1 P.M. which was exactly when the weatherguessers said it would. (They have to be right sometimes.) DS & DIL1 had to go to her folks' to cater JZ's 60th birthday bash (that was their gift to him, a Beef Wellington dinner for 8) so they dropped off Porter, the granddog, so Durwood wouldn't have to drive across town to feed her and let her out in the dark and snowy. I went to yoga and then knitting (both at the same place) until nearly 9 P.M., then came home to snowblow the driveway since Beverly (my new car) wouldn't stick to the concrete without snow removal and salt. Durwood asked me to take some pictures of the trees because they were loaded with snow and absolutely gorgeous. It wasn't very cold last night, barely freezing, so it made excellent snowballs which I fooled Porter with three times before she was onto my ploy. Durwood hit the sack around 10:30 P.M. and the kids got here around 11:30 P.M. I went to bed and zonked out so you're just going to have to be content with some snow and Porter pix.

She's working on destroying the plastic and rope chew toy I got her a while back. Every time she visits a bit more of it appears as blue crumbs on the carpet. She doesn't eat it, she just destroys it. "Chewing is good" seems to be her motto.

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Aunt B said...

What a fun day. And a win-win for everyone -- you get to play with the dog and JZ gets the perfect birthday present!! Those kids of yours are every parent's dream come true!