Saturday, April 23, 2016

Wrong Again

For the last two days I have been absolutely convinced that the heavy overcast of the morning would stick around all day.  It didn't.  Today started out sunny so I'm going to say it'll stay sunny all day.  Even if it doesn't I'm happy to be wrong if the day turns from cloudy to sunny--even stuck on the couch as I am.  I have high hopes that they'll take off my cast on Tuesday, put on a boot, and tell me I can start putting a little weight on my left ankle.

Oh, I somehow managed to break off a piece of my cast yesterday.  I noticed at Friday Night Knitting that my cast boot felt too tight so I loosened it, which helped a bit but when I got home and took it (the boot, not the cast) off it still felt odd.  When I ran my finger around between the cast and my foot I noticed that a triangular piece of the top section over my little toe had broken off.  Wha-????  It hadn't slipped inside, wasn't in the cast boot or the toe sock, not on the floor.  Where is it?  I do not know, but everything seems to have recovered from feeling odd and so I'm leaving it alone until Tuesday when I see the medicos again.

I managed to peek outside the other day to see that the bleeding hearts and peonies are up against the privacy screen and the rhubarb is tall enough that I can see it over the grill and garbage can on the other side of the patio.  The bulbs are putting on a lovely show out front, no tulips yet, but I expect them soon.  I am so glad that our house faces south and has that brick lower half so that the sun warms it early and things grow fast.  What I didn't get a picture of the other afternoon was a mallard drake waddling around the backyard.  He didn't stay long, probably because there wasn't enough corn on the ground to entice him and the Mrs. to linger.  Drat.  I've gotta get to Fleet Farm for a bag of the kind of seed I like, need to go to the birdseed store for more finch seed too.  Stupid broken ankle, stupid walker.

Last night at Friday Night Knitting, CB gifted me with two more cast socks, a green & yellow one and a glittery red one with tiny sequins in the yarn.  Guess which one I'm wearing right now?  You're right, the red one.

I finished the April Seamen's Cowl last night at FNK and couldn't resist casting on the May version when I got home because I'm excited to see how it turns out.  I don't have enough of either of these yarns to make a whole one so I'm going to make 1" stripes of each color--gray, then red, ending with gray.  I think it will look very spiffy.  I have some solid colors of the same sort of yarn--downstairs where I can't get to it right now--so I'm hoping that by June I'll be able to go down there and grub around in the yarn bins on my own.  Fingers crossed, even if I have to slide down on my bum with a cane in my hand, and scoot up the same way.  I have backpacks, I can carry things.

When new babies come we like to give the big sibling gifts (because the new babe gets so many presents) and look what I had in "the barrel" for LC--sparkly pink shoes and some fishy blocks.  Durwood's got some wrapping paper up here, he says, so we can get them all ready for the next time she comes over.  I'd take them to her but all of their entrances have more steps than I'm capable of navigating right now.  Darn it all to Hades.  I WANT MY CAR.  I WANT BOTH FEET.  Sorry, I had to holler, just for a minute.

April 23--Walter Bibikow, DS5/T-23 Tokyo.

Two boys fly by
on a bicycle--
one pedals,
one stands on the pegs.
Dressed for school,
tidy & neat,
their faces reflect
unrestrained freedom.
They soar
over fantastic landscapes,
attacking hordes
with Doppler-ing laughter,
as they speed
toward decorum.

I'm pinning high hopes on Tuesday's visit to the doctor but suspect that I'll be out of the cast, still with the walker, and my left ankle probably still won't be weight bearing.  But I can dream.  I was excited to see that Aldi has pineapple on sale this week so knitting friend, MW, is on the job to bring one (and a few other things) around later this morning.  Friends are so good to have.

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Aunt B said...

Springtime is so iffy. Cloudy one day, sunny the next. Know you can't wait to get out and going but don't try to bump down to the basement too soon.