Wednesday, April 20, 2016

One Step Back to Normalcy

Well, normalcy for us.  See, I have a theory.  To me, normal people have set weekly menus--Sunday is chicken, Monday meatloaf, Tuesday spaghetti, Wednesday hot dish, Thursday take-out, Friday fish sticks, and Saturday burgers on the grill--just as an example.  If you're in a normal family, you know what's going to be on the table at supper, here things are different, except on Tuesdays.  Tuesday is $10 Tuesday at Papa Murphy's so we get a large Papa's Favorite, have them take off the black olives (too salty) and add fresh tomatoes; we eat half that night and save the other half for Friday night when I leave early to go to knitting.  Since I broke my ankle 20 days ago we haven't had pizza, and we've missed it.  So I suggested to Durwood that we have it last night.  I called our local Papa Murphy's and asked if they'd consider delivering the pizza to Durwood at the curb (it's a little far for him to walk from the parking area and still reliably breathe) and the guy said, "sure, we do it all the time."  So we counted out exact change, added an extra buck for a tip for the curbside service and had pizza.  Yum.  Now we'll have an easy supper option for tomorrow night when I want to go to the Knitting Guild meeting because it's Design-a-thon showing and voting night--and I have things entered.  Woohoo!

I finished Sudoku Snow #8 yesterday afternoon.  Now I need someone to bring up the other color squares so I can join them into Sudoku Block #8, which means that once I've knitted just one more Berry, Violet, and Snow square I will make the last block and can work to figure out how I want to knit the strips to join them and how I want to edge the entire thing.

I knitted a few rounds on the April Seamen's Cowl last night.  It's about halfway.  I sure like this yarn color, and I'm plotting to use two contrasting variegated colors for the May cowl.  Hey, maybe I'll even be able to go downstairs and sew some ditty bags in May.  Ach, probably not but a girl can dream.

For today's project I want to make a new list of the items on the BLKG library cart that aren't in Ravelry's database to see if I can find some of them tomorrow night to take their pictures to put on the guild's page.  I also want to bring a few items home to start a newsletter column to let the membership know what treasures are available under that canvas cover.

April 20--DGR Studio, Inc., DGR9542

Here on the water planet
waves wash the shores,
slosh from coast to coast,
swirl in currents that brush along continents
like a global conveyor.
Rivers spill soil into the sea,
carry bits of North America to South America,
to Africa, then Europe,
glance off Iceland and Greenland,
to flow back along North American shores,
joining us all into

My fingers have been still on the keys for more than a minute.  I can't think of any snappy way to wrap this up today so I'll just say "see ya" and sign off.

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Aunt B said...

We aren't normal people either. I'm constantly trying new recipes -- many don't make the grade -- and then I'll say we should do what normal people do, i.e. chicken on Sunday, Meatloaf on Monday, etc. But I never stick to that. And it would be sooooo much easier.