Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I'll Be Here All Week, Folks

Like a popular nightclub act, I've been held over for two more weeks on the couch.  I don't think the couch is too thrilled because it made a groaning sound when I sat down on it this morning, but I did sit in a different position yesterday evening (in the center with my leg-propping pillows on the coffee table) that felt like a while new thing.  I also realized that what was most irritating about my leg yesterday was my skin.  It felt like I had a rug burn on the outside of my calf, the side that's down when I relax my leg, the side I've been sleeping on, so I hopped into the bathroom, grabbed a jug of lotion and set about figuring out how to cram my fingers between the cast and my skin to lube it up a bit.  What I managed really made a difference.  Then I figured out how to sleep comfortably on my other side after I got up to whiz in the middle of the night (but only once, yippee). Today I'll ask Durwood to bring me the lotion and a narrow spatula so I can use gravity and something skinnier than my fingers to spread the glorious moisturizer down there.  (no, you potty brain, not that downthere)

I walkered over to open the curtains this morning and took my camera so I could lean out to snap this picture of my daffodils just beginning to open.  Even though it's been cold and snowy the bulbs are still inching their way toward blooming.  Thank. God.  Or I think we'd all line up and slit our wrists.  Time for a little warm and sunny, don't you think?

 I took my Purple Sparkle cast sock along to my appointment and finished it before suppertime.  I like it.  It sparkles.  It looks a little odd but that pointy part's where my big toe fits just right.  I didn't work on the Hello, Hamish! Cardi after supper because I got tired and just kind of vegged.  Today I'll dredge up a YouTube video to remind me how to attach an I-cord and get that done.

Earlier this year I came across the Bullet Journal and decided to jump on the bandwagon.  I jumped on and off, on and off, and when I broke my ankle I thought, "well, that takes care of that, I won't be journaling day after day on the couch," and I was wrong.  I have lots of things to accomplish while I'm on the couch and I even tried my hand at a little sketch of my view in the afternoon.  This couch sentence might turn out to be just the thing I needed to get into the Bullet Journaling swing of things.  It's turning into a mix of to-do list and journal, and I like it a lot.  And I'm using a real, honest to God, Waterman fountain pen to write in it, with cartridges and everything.  Did you know that you can't buy cartridges outright in chain office stores anymore?  Pitiful.  Makes me want to buy fountain pens for everyone on my Christmas list this year just to stir up the silt in the marketplace.

April 12--Philip H. Coblentz, Santorini, Greece.

Looking like a portal
into the sky,
set into an archway
made of sunset,
the blue door promises
tranquility and rest.
Leave your cares
on the weathered chair
beside the doorway.
Enter through the orange
end of the day
into the perfume
of baking bread,
roasting meat,
and the sea.

Naturally my next doc's appointment is scheduled on the same day and at the same time as the heating & air conditioner tech was coming to make sure the A/Cs are ready for summer (if it ever comes) and filtering the air for Durwood so I rescheduled the tech (put the thought in my Bullet Journal yesterday and did it today--one job marked off), and I've got a friend on the way to run to Aldi for fruit and veggies that are on special that ends today.  I never realized how much fruit I eat until I had to ask for it and how bereft I feel without a bowl of it cut up in the fridge.  Time to read the paper, then knit.

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Aunt B said...

I'm trying to do a bullet journal too -- ever since you mentioned it. But not always faithful about the daily entries. Still, it's gratifying when I've written something bullet-worthy and can check it off. I love the purple cast sock -- artfully constructed to accommodate your big toe.