Friday, April 8, 2016

Not What I Want To See

It was overcast when I got up this morning with little snow showers every once in a while.  That has changed.  It is now snowing like it means it.  I do NOT want to look out my window on April 8 and see snowflakes the size of silver dollars falling and sticking to the grass, not the pavement, but still... grr.

Yesterday afternoon KW dropped off bananas and donuts from Kwik Trip on her way home from work (thankyou,thankyou,thankyou) and volunteered to take a picture of the hyacinth blooming out front.  She said if she didn't I wouldn't get to see it.

In the evening I finished knitting the body of the Hello, Hamish! cardi.  Today I slide the sleeve stitches back onto the needle (one sleeve at a time) and knit them.  Then I get to add the I-cord edging, find some cute buttons (downstairs, hopefully), and knit a hat to match.  All before he decides to make his grand entrance.  (knit, Barbara, knit like the wind)

Later in the evening I got to take a shower.  I know that doesn't sound like much to you bipeds but to us temporary monopods (although I actually have 5 legs on the floor at any one time if I count the walker... so I'm a quintupod?) a shower is ecstasy, nothing more, nothing less.  They sent me home from the hospital with a plastic boot on a ring with a diaphragm that stretches around my cast and then makes a tight seal just below my knee and we already had a shower chair and hand-held shower head, so Durwood and I hashed out what would be the safest way for me to get into and out of the tub.  Worked like a charm.  Now I have a clean body (except for my lower left leg and foot) and clean hair.  Oh, clean hair, I love you.  (mercifully, there are no pictures of that little convalescent adventure)

April 8--Larry Ulrich, Soufriere, Dominica.

Island fishing boats lay
in the sand
like colorful toys
anxious to play
in the sea
with boys grown to men
but not too grown
to hoot in triumph
when a big one
is on the hook.

Today is my baby brothers' birthdays.  Hi, TW!  Hi, AJ!  Happy Birthday!  May it be the first day of a fabulous year.  Oh, and by the way, they're 60 years old today.  How'd that happen?  But then I can't figure out how I'm getting to Medicare age come September.  Enjoy your day and I hope it's not snowing where you are.

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Aunt B said...

Ahhhhh, that shower!! Such a milestone when you're in a situation like yours. And clean hair!!! I know you hate those exclamation points but the shower and clean hair -- definitely worth exclaiming about!