Tuesday, April 26, 2016

For Who?

Forsythia.  It's blooming.  It suddenly occurred to me if the rhubarb, chives, and the poppies are up maybe the forsythia is blooming so I asked Durwood to check out the window by his bed.  It is!  And not just a little, a lot.  I can't get out and around the house with my walker so I had to take pictures through the window.  I think I did okay.

Working together we got the hummingbird feeder filled and hung out. (no, I didn't take it out, Durwood did)  Here, birdie, birdie, birdie.  Durwood wanted there to be a hummingbird on it right away but I reminded him that he needs to be patient.  I usually don't see one until the honeysuckle starts to bloom and that doesn't even have leaves yet but according to the Hummingbird Migration Map they've been seen in our area so the feeder is out.  A House Finch in its summer plumage stopped by for a drink this morning too so at least there was a bird to see.

I cast on and finished the first preemie hat for May.  Yeah, yeah, I know it's not May yet but I want to make 4/month and thought I'd get a jump on it.  I noticed as I was closing up the top that I missed a round of purl where the hat body and crown meet.  *shrugs*  Oh well, it's cute anyway, I think, and the yarn color is Toasted Marshmallow.  Kind of neutral, kind of plain, but I kind of like it.

This afternoon I have my next doc appointment.  I hope the x-ray shows the correct rate of healing and I hope they take off this (coming apart) cast and give me a boot.  They said that the boot only comes in black so it's a good thing I have bright cast socks to enliven the gloom.

April 26--Tom Till, Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia.

in the tide pool
at your feet,
the setting sun
lights the way
until the distant lighthouse beam
pierces the dusk.

It's another gray, drizzly day, chilly too but April showers... and all that.  Spring's like that around here.

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Aunt B said...

Hope you are sporting a boot today. But even if you aren't, you're one day closer to no cast, no boot and no walker. It's got to end eventually.