Thursday, April 14, 2016

Back to Sunshine

Every other day, just like I said.  Sunny, gray, sunny, although it's supposed to clear out and warm up big-time this weekend.  And me stuck on the couch unable to get out and bask.  Drat.

I glanced at the bulbs when I opened the drapes this morning and saw that the little squills are blooming.  There is no earthly way I can get out to take their picture so I'm going to resurrect one from last year as a representative of this year's bloomage.

I finished the Yoda Hamish hat yesterday and can't wait to have a baby to put it on.

KW came over with Kwik Trip bananas after work and dug out the owl buttons I knew I had downstairs so I can put them on the Hello, Hamish! cardi.  Now I just need some thread and a needle that fits through those holes and I'll sew them on--and another knitter is stopping by later to carry up some clean laundry Durwood did and she can find me some thread downstairs.

In the evening I cast on the Barley Hat as a dressy hat to wear with the sweater when he doesn't feel like being Yoda, like to church, although I've been to their church and I think a little Yoda baby would be more than welcome there.  I'm especially pleased that I dredged up a sparkly seahorse stitch marker to cheer me up as I go round and round the hat.  (trapped on the couch as I am, I'll take all the cheering up I can muster)

(BTW, these are all free patterns. I'll link them for you.  You're welcome.)

April 14--Chris A. Crumley, #940907-56-20.

White geometry
backed by a blue firmament.
Arches, columns,
softened by decades
of paint
rounding architectural
A wedding cake
of town hall
against a sky of tropical

Durwood's off to Copps because they have wild-caught salmon and ocean perch on sale which means we're having salmon for supper.  Yahoo!  He's subscribed to Cooking Light magazine for a couple years but I'd never looked at it until last week.  It's a good thing I have a block of post-its in my knitting basket because I'm cutting each sheet into 4 tabs and marking what I want him/us to cook.  That magazine is a gold mine.  DS said they get it too and make things out of it all the time.  Such interesting recipes and most with things we already stock.  How have I not looked at this before? Tsk.

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Aunt B said...

That Yoda hat is definitely an attention-getter. Those ear flaps!!! I should try some of those recipes in "Cooking Light" since I got a one year subscription for $5. But none of them appeal to me. What's wrong with me???