Thursday, April 7, 2016

I Goofed Off

I didn't knit yesterday, I goofed off instead.  Well, sorta.  I read the paper.  I sent out birthday, thank you, and "Where's the W?" cards.  (Our Wisconsin magazine hides 3 "W"s in ads in their mag, you search for them, send in a card saying where you found them, and they draw for prizes.  It's a way to get people to really read their ads so they can have fewer ads and more shiny content.  It's a feel good magazine for old people with slick paper and lots of pretty pictures.  I like to play along.) Durwood took me to get my blood drawn for my doc's appointment on Monday.  The most frustrating was trying to buy a couple refreeze-able ice packs from CVS and Walgreen's through the RX window.  They don't sell consumer stuff there even if neither of you can walk well, so I cripped into the Walgreens, the checker (wearing her own surgical boot) got me a wheelchair and then called a store manager to get the packs for me, then she escorted me to the van.  She gets a star for the day.  Two, no, three stars for the day.

We hit KFC for some $5 fill-up boxes on the way home for a late lunch-early supper after which we both dozed off for an hour or so.  A knitting friend, VJ, stopped over for a chat and to drop off some RED yarn and a knitting mag.  We had a lovely visit and made plans for a road trip when I'm more mobile.  (if you don't knit, you need to learn.  knitters are the best.)

The mailman brought the last 2 books I ordered for LC--one about birds and their nests and a thick one of Peanuts comic strips.  Someone gave LC a book about Snoopy and Charlie Brown, and the last time she was here she wanted to read "Caryie Bwown" so I dug out the Sunday comics (not knowing that there's a kids' book) and must have read those 8 panels two dozen times before taking her home.  So I ordered a big book of comic strips.  We'll have a fine time with that and we'll put her bird books on the shelf by Meemaw's so we can find them when we're watching out the patio door.

In the evening I changed positions, propping my cast on a pillow on the coffee table, and entered the last of the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild's library into our Ravelry page.  Quite a few of the things we have aren't in the database so I'll need to spend an afternoon sorting through the library cart and photographing what we have that they don't so I can enter it all.  There's a fascinating variety of patterns and vintage things on that cart.  Maybe I'll start a "What's in the Library?" column in the newsletter.  Just as I was wrapping up Durwood called out to turn on the TV to the Smithsonian channel.  This is what I saw--an hour-long show about the Great Barrier Reef.  Ohhh, underwater with pretty fishies.  I'd give anything to be there, cast-less, right now.  (Actually, I'd give about anything to be cast-less anywhere right now.)

April 7--Larry Ulrich, Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand.

Like Goliath's cocoa truffles
scattered by a petulant child
Moeraki boulders litter
the New Zealand beach.
Scoured by wind, sand, sea,
solitary or in groups,
they radiate infinite
patience and submission
to the vicissitudes of life.

I am very glad that I've broken an ankle during Poetry Month. Well, not really glad glad but you know what I mean.  Writing these short things is about all I've got in me these days.  I think I'll tackle the stack of daily crossword puzzles that are waiting patiently for me.  Maybe I'll knit later.

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Aunt B said...

There are nice people out there -- like the helpful girl at Walgreen's. I've commented to the manager at our Walgreen's about how nice and helpful everyone is in there. They must take a course on public relations or something. Either that -- or before you're hired, you must have to pass a "niceness" test. Glad you could get out for a bit.