Tuesday, April 5, 2016

It's Hard Work

This whole broken ankle thing is hard work.  I finallyfinallyfinally got the right size walker (the adult size is too tall for my shrunken self) last night around 7:00.  It made a world of difference in my nighttime jaunts to the potty, as did zip-tying a tiny LED flashlight to the cross bar so I don't get tangled up in Durwood's oxygen hose.

I spent most of yesterday making my nest on the couch.  DS stopped after work to bring up a little table and plug in my laptop so I have all I need at hand--reading/listening, knitting, and computering--except food, and I have my Durwood for that.  He's such a great guy, doing all he can to make sure I'm comfortable and well cared for.

In between naps, phone calls, and visitors I got Sudoku Berry #8 almost done.  Only one more pink one to knit after this.  Hooray!

Mrs. Boss came over with my work-lunch soups that I had thawing in the fridge for this week's lunches.  I didn't want them to go bad while I'm off so she brought them over and also this beautiful bouquet of white flowers.  The only "vase" available was a Tupperware pitcher but I love them no matter what they're in.  Thanks, Mrs. Boss, you're the best.

You get two poems today because I didn't manage to blog yesterday and I don't want one to go to waste.

April 4--Stan Kidd, STM9412W-03.

Glowing orange light
wraps me
like your arms
hold me
in the warmth
of our love.
Sunset across the sea
welds the memory
of this moment
on our hearts.
April 5--Stan Kidd, STM9412L-06.

Dutch geometric architecture
suffused with Caribbean color
sober Europeans
cloaked in Vibrant colors--
yellow, green, pink,
teal, lilac--
must struggle
to shuck the Island life
back in drab

I am humbled by the outpouring of offers to help since I broke my ankle.  This morning the cleaning lady put fresh sheets on the bed and fresh towels in the bathroom, and the neighbor came down to fill the birdfeeders, carry the birdie tree to the curb, and take out the trash.  As hard as it is to accept help, it feels good to have people willing to help.  Thank you, all.  (I suspect it's the first of many "thank yous" I'll extend in the next month or so.)

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Aunt B said...

OK -- you're all settled in now and learning to let other people care for and help you. We know this is a temporary thing but for now, you're going to have to be the patient patient! I see you did vote. So good for you. Lots of stuff on MSNBC from Green Bay but I knew I wouldn't see you in the background.