Saturday, April 9, 2016

No Knitters After All

The awful snowstorm that slammed into Green Bay yesterday was way windier and heavier than it should have been for early April so I called off Friday Night Knitting here.  It was just too slick and scary to be responsible for 8 people being out in it.  I'll see if I can't convince Durwood to give me a ride to Goodwill next Friday and then cadge a ride home with someone.  I did get the first Hello, Hamish! cardi sleeve almost done (only about 1/2" to go) so I had my own knit night but it wasn't the same without the chatter, smart-ass-ery, and laughter of our usual times.  The doorbell rang just after 8 o'clock and there was MW come to shovel and salt our driveway for us.  I tell you, you need to learn to knit and find a tribe, they are the most fabulous people on the planet.

I cripped to the front door this morning before making my way to my perch on the couch to show you yesterday's snow and how the flowers are faring.  It's blazing sunlight out there with a robin's egg blue sky arched over it all.  The weather guesser said that it'll be gone in tomorrow's rain and mid-40s temps.  I spent some time sorting a bunch of digital photo folders in the computer's memory yesterday and realized that some of what I put in "Winter" should be in "Spring."  So far it sure hasn't felt like Spring.  Oh well, I suspect I'll be spending quite a bit of time here on the couch in the near future, I can fix that.

Another knitter, LB, picked up my pain meds Rx at the clinic, stopped for my credit card, got it filled, and brought back to me in the morning before the storm got serious.  She also brought this little miniature yellow rose because she said it looked like sunshine.  Nearly made me cry and I've looked at it a gazillion times since she brought it.  Thanks a million, trillion, jillion times, LB.  You're the best.

My beloved Durwood has been working hard (despite his dodgy breathing) to make sure I'm comfortable, fed, and entertained.  It sure was a lucky day when he walked up to me on the stage at UWGB and I told him to get lost.  He's a prize and, look, he's wearing the EZ's Ribwarmer I knitted for him.  I love him more than I can say.  *sniff*  Can't help it, he's a real keeper and I'm in a weakened condition.

In other flower news, a lily in the bouquet Mrs. Boss brought me on Sunday opened yesterday and it smells like heaven.  It's so sweet that I wouldn't want to have a huge bouquet of them but one wafting its sweet perfume through the room is surely welcome.

April 9--Walter Bibikow, Australian Schoolkids.

Small blue and gray whirlwinds
swirl over the yellow dirt
Boys in denim hats
chase and tag
in a frantic
to discharge energy
to listen to their teacher
after lunch.

I'm happy for the sunny day.  I wish I could busy around in it but I'm happy that I can look out on sunshine even if it is bouncing off bright, fresh snow.  Happy Saturday.  Kiss somebody today, both of you probably need it.  And it doesn't have to be a spouse or a lover, a platonic kiss to a friend is never wasted.

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Aunt B said...

I cannot believe all that snow. No fair. But love the "little bit of sunshine" roses. Chilly and windy down here but sunny and nice for the Azalea Festival House Tour. Saw some beautiful old homes -- some not so beautiful -- but still a nice afternoon of hiking around downtown Wilmington.