Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Gray & Rainy

Evidently we're not allowed more than one sunny day in a row.  Bah.

I bore down and finished adding the I-cord edging to the Hello, Hamish! cardi yesterday before supper.  I love how it turned out and I think I have some owl buttons downstairs that would be perfect for it.  All I have to do is lure some knitter over to go down and dig them out.  I have a rough idea where they are so that shouldn't be too big a search.  

Then I cast on a Yoda hat using both strands of yarn.  It's been a long time since I've knitted something with big yarn on big needles so my right wrist is a little achy today but it'll be okay if I wear a brace or compression glove for support.  I got to the crown decreases by bedtime, so I'll finish the hat part and move on to the ears later today.  Those should be a real wrist-killer because you use the same thick yarn with needles less than half the size of the hat ones so that the ears are stiff enough to not flop.  I can't wait.  No, really.

Last weekend DS delivered a container of chicken noodle soup that LC made with her other grandmother and I had the first taste for lunch yesterday.  That little girl has her parents' love of cooking and I predict she'll be cooking on her own just as soon as she can open the fridge by herself.  It was yummy soup and Durwood put it in the chicken print bowl cozy for me which made me smile.

April 13--Chris A. Crumley, #930507-26-26.

Silky salt water
glides over skin
in the blue-green depths
of the Caribbean.
Sunlight filtered
through the prism
of the sea
makes Spirograph patterns
on the sand.

Today I feel restless.  I want to DO something.  I sliced and sugared the berries that MW brought from the store yesterday when I got up this morning and that qualifies as doing something, I suppose, but I'm antsy and unable to move around enough to satisfy that itch.  Ah well... thank for letting me complain a bit.

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Aunt B said...

That little sweater is adorable. And your chicken soup looks better than the matzo ball/chicken noodle soup I made earlier this week. Not surprised that you're antsy. Resting 24/7 is not your style.