Thursday, April 28, 2016

Only Some Knitting & One Bird

I don't really have much to show you or talk about today.  I kind of laid low yesterday, keeping my ankle elevated, and icing it more than before.

I finished Sudoku Snow #9 so all I have left is to knit the final Violet one, then I can crochet the last block together and get going on the joining strips.  And it's only taken me 6 years to get to this point.  Admittedly, there was probably at least one full year during which I didn't knit a single square but I'll be happy to eventually have this Sword of Damocles of a project not hanging over my head. (awkward sentence much?)

In the evening I watched some stuff I'd DVR-ed and knitted on the May Seamen's Cowl.  At this rate I'll have it done before May even arrives, but LC and OJ got a new cousin the other day so I need to find and make a hat for another new babe in the family.  I saw a cute pattern for a bucket hat with a goldfish on the hatband, maybe I'll see about making one of those.  Should go fast, it's for a baby after all.

April 28--Rob Gilley, Southern California.

Sun-bleached blond,
tattooed, surfer dude
rides his air-brushed,
out of the curl
of blue-green water,
right hand outstretched
caressing the wave.

Yesterday as I cripped into the kitchen I saw a fully yellow and black Goldfinch on the feeder and luckily I had my cellphone stuck in my cleavage so I could take its picture.  Must be spring.

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Aunt B said...

Practical use of your cleavage. You are a resourceful girl to manage a picture even in your limited state.