Friday, April 15, 2016

Not My Best Day

Yesterday wasn't a great day here in couch-land.  I tried stretching the pain pills to every 4 hours but by 10:30 PM it was evident that had been a bad idea so I downed 2 pills, went to bed, and lay still until I fell asleep.  Today the schedule alternates 3 hrs./4 hrs.  That should be better.

I did notice when I opened the shade that the neighbor's maple tree is budding out with those burgundy, flower-ish things that come before leaves.  Once again we have a representative photo from 2014 but, trust me, it looks the same (except today's sky is blue) and makes me feel hopeful that we won't have too much more snow to deal with.

Knitters are still stepping up to fill the chores and errands gaps.  MW did an Aldi run, bringing back a bag of oranges, a tiny box of blackberries that I stirred into the bowl of sliced strawberries, and four 8-ounce boxes of Baby Bella mushrooms (only 89 cents each!) that Durwood cleaned, sliced, sauteed in a little butter, and froze for putting in all kinds of goodies for suppers.  Durwood himself went to Copps for wild caught salmon and ocean perch some of which we ended up not having for supper because he kind of overdid it in the exertion area.  (He went out for KFC, but tonight we'll have something healthy.  Promise.) HH came over in the afternoon to carry up clean laundry, dig around and find the best color thread for me to sew buttons on the Hamish cardi, and water the plants.  I am so grateful for their cheerful and selfless help.

I called Joe, the guy we buy our cars from and where we have them serviced, yesterday to ask if he knew of a place we could store my car until I can get back behind the wheel.  I wasn't thrilled with it being in the lot behind our house because the fence is too high for us to see over and I felt like parking there too long would not only attract vandals and car thieves but it was an imposition on the owner's generosity and potential liability.  Joe said he has a building where he stores vehicles and he'd be happy to stash my car there until we need it again.  His wife brought him over, he picked up the keys, and refused my offer of paying rent for the space.  Guess I'll have to bake some bread and cook up a cauldron of soup once I'm vertical to thank him.  People sure are nice.  I'm blown away.  

I'm happy to be single-handedly keeping the US Postal Service afloat sending out thank you cards to all of the generous people in our lives.  Three more go out today and, no, I'm not sending one every time someone does us a favor but I am making sure that people get one every few times so they know how much we appreciate them.  I am very grateful that DIL1's mom got me back into the habit of writing thank you notes.  (Yes, I wrote her a note to thank her too.)  Maybe I can single-handedly bring manners back into daily life... yeah, probably not, but I can spread it around my little corner of the world.

Like I said, yesterday wasn't a great day so I spent most of it listening to an audiobook and knitting on Sudoku Violet #8.  Despite how it looks in this picture it's just slightly less purple than Welch's Grape Juice.  Can someone tell me why purple turns blue in digital pix?  Speaking of digital pix, I want to spend part of today redoing the Projects page on the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild's Ravelry account so that we can revel in our charity knitting and Design-a-Thon entries.

April 15--Chris A. Crumley, #920205-18-18.

king of the world
servant of the moment
with witnessing
death of the day
loss of light
star diamonds in blue-black

Well, Poetry Month is half over and I'm having fun with it.  It's the perfect word challenge for a month when I'm confined to the couch and my world has shrunk to the nest I've made and the path to the bathroom.  Hey, at least I can get up and go.  Not being able to would suck, wouldn't it, cda?  Go run around in the sunshine for me today, will you?

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Aunt B said...

I know it's hard to keep your spirits up when you're confined to the house and the couch. Maybe count backward to when you first fell and you'll see you're moving (theoretically) in the forward direction. We're off to Norfolk tomorrow and, hopefully, back on Sunday. Don't want to miss my Monday bridge game.