Monday, April 11, 2016

Well, THAT Didn't Work

Extending the time between pain pills by an hour seemed to work for a while but all too soon I realized that my lower leg was swollen and achy.  I doubled up on the next pill and went back to taking one every two hours.  I can't wait to see the doc this morning.  This is my first broken bone; I have so many questions.

On Friday night when MW came over to shovel and salt our driveway he brought a present too--a tiny jar of honey and a handmade dishcloth.  He's so adventurous combining colors of yarn.  He'll put things together that I think would look like the dog's dinner and it works.  He's a loom knitter and makes the best hats and scarves to donate to charity and excellent dishcloths.  I'm happy to have one.

I got Hello Hamish cardi sleeve #2 done and picked up stitches for the I-cord edging, then cast on and started knitting the Purple Sparkle Cast Sock.  Didn't finish it for today's doctor's appointment but I'm sure I'll have it done soon.  I like it.

On Saturday ZDawg stopped to see me and brought us a treat.  Can you believe these cakes?  The yellow one is lemon blackberry and the other one is raspberry white chocolate.  I made mine disappear in one sitting, Durwood made his last for 2 desserts.  So yummy.

See how many people have helped us over the last few days?  Each card in this little pile of thank you notes represents a person who went out of their way to think of me and Durwood when our lives turned upside down (a few have already been mailed).  This pile of cards is proof positive that pessimists and the media are wrong.  Most people are good and caring and selfless, there's only a very small percentage of shits in the world and I don't know them.

April 11--Walter Bibikow, South Beach, Miami.

"Coochie, coochie."
Blue & pink neon
glows purple
on cruising classic cars,
sleek modern machines,
rusted out beaters.
South Beach casts its magic
over all,
making everyone
Charo & Cugat
for the night.

Just got back from the doc and I'm in my cast on the couch for at least the next 2 weeks.  *sigh*  I had a fantasy that I'd get sprung sooner but I guess I really did a bang-up job banging myself up.  I hate being so good at everything.  The doc showed us my original x-rays and took the time to explain what I'd done and how he fixed it.  I love it when doctors treat you like you've got more than half a brain.  Ooh, there's a PB&J coming my way, gotta go.

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Aunt B said...

Drat it. So you've got another two weeks to become one with the couch. But think of it this way: Two whole weeks for more and more people to bring you cake and dish cloths and PB&J. You can do it. I know you can.