Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Cover Up

The hardest part of being couch-bound is not being able to take pictures of the sun coming up or the spring flowers inching their way toward bloomage.  Last night it snowed, today it's rainy and all the snow/hail melted.  Use your imagination.  The easiest part is knitting small things.  First I finished Sudoku Berry #8 (still have to weave in the tails) then I cast on and finished a cast sock so my toesies don't freeze when I have to go out for doc's appointments.  Looks like a baby hat, doesn't it?  Today I plan to buckle down and work on the Hello Hamish! cardi that's about half done.  Pretty soon that baby's going to be here and he'll need a sweater from his Meemaw to come home in.  A hat too, but not a cast-sock hat, that would be wrong.

I also want to take a shower.  They gave me a cast protector thing when I came home from the hospital and we've already got a shower chair and hand-held shower nozzle.  Durwood said he'd lend a hand which is good although I suspect his main motivation is the chance to see me nekkid.  (TMI, I know, I'm sorry)

LC is a big fan of the birds that visit our back yard so I surfed Amazon last week and found a few bird ID books for little kids.  The first one came yesterday.  She'll love the pictures, especially the Cardinal (which she pronounces with a capital letter) which she recognizes on my bird book spine.  She likes to pull my ID books out and find the birds that she sees at the feeders but she tends to pull out the markers so I'm getting her her own books.  Besides... more books!

April 6--Stan Kidd, BON9306U-02.

He floats above
the orange elephant ear
silhouetted against the sun.
My bubbles rise
like silver pearls
my hiding place.
His speargun points
my way,
he pulls the trigger.
We have fried grouper
for supper.

I think I'm getting the hang of ordering breakfast from my manservant with less guilt than a few days ago.  It's good to be the queen.

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Aunt B said...

Yes, the cast sock could certainly be a preemie hat. But for a preemie baby not Hamish. I miss your sky pictures too but I'll be patient. Your "confinement" is going to force you to finish that Sudoku afghan. So that's a good thing.