Thursday, April 21, 2016

Gray & Drizzly

That's this morning in a nutshell.  Oh, and by the way, I am feeling supremely sorry for myself here on the couch.  I'm sick and tired of not being able to walk on two feet, my cast is snagging the upholstery, I want to go places BY MYSELF, and I want to see my children and grandchildren RIGHT NOW.  I'm tired of measuring and monitoring the amount of green vegetables I eat and I want to stir up a gigantic cauldron of homemade soup because we're all out, I refuse to eat canned, and the deli soups have too much salt.  (let's see... anything else?)  I want to be able to go downstairs to get the yarns I want, instead of having to direct someone not familiar with my storage space and unfamiliar with any type of yarn, and I want to cut out and sew up the projects I want to make.  I think that covers it.

Salvation!  Coming back from a trip to the bathroom I glanced out of the front window and saw buds.  On the maple tree.  BUDS!  Hooray!!!!  (yeah, yeah, everyone knows how I hate exclamation points but sometimes they're warranted and buds warrant them today)

I spent most of yesterday working on the BLKG Library pages on Ravelry, going through the inventory lists, item by item, and then making a satellite list of the things I need to find and photograph on the library cart because they're not in Ravelry's database.  (a working knowledge of Excel would have been handy for that)  I did a lot of printing and then reprinting because I put the papers into the printer bale the wrong way, so I got my exercise going from the couch to the printer about six times before I was happy with what I had.

I knitted a few more round on the April Seamen's Cowl--only 2 more inches to go.  I also cast on a knit the very beginning of the very last Sudoku Berry square.  One of the things I need Durwood to do today is go downstairs and find the other color squares so I can put Block #8 together.

I whipped up one more preemie hat yesterday.  That means I've got this nice bunch of them to take to Guild tonight for someone to deliver to the NICU.  (If I could get around on my own, I could take them myself, now, couldn't I?  Bah.)  And I printed off the donation form to turn in too so we get credit for them, credit with whom I don't know, but the Guild wants to keep track so track I will keep)  I'd like Durwood to bring up some other colors of this yarn too; I feel the need for a change.  Maybe I can scootch down just a few steps so I can help him find what I want...

April 21--Walter Bibikow, Rome, Italy DS5/T-19.

The light of sunset
tints everything as if
Midas-touched trees,
benches, buildings
The old man sits on
his usual bench,
the golden light
turns his glasses to doubloons,
his face like the profile
on a Roman denarius.

I'm thinking there'll be an outing today to visit someone new.  I see that Durwood has on jeans and a going-outside shirt (as opposed to a staying-home, ratty around the collar flannel one).  I'd better wrap this up and put on a shoe.  I'm already as dressed as I'm going to get.

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Aunt B said...

OK, you were getting a little stir crazy there but thankfully you got to go "somewhere" to see a very special "somebody". That put a big, big smile on your face. Those tiny preemie hats are so adorable.