Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Friday Night Knitting Concert and Sing-Along

Up until about a year ago, Friday Night Knitting was in the Green Room in back of Harmony Cafe which adjoined Goodwill.  In the main cafe on Friday nights was Open Mic so we got to hear all sorts of great, good, and you-have-GOT-to-be-kidding music, singing, and poetry.  One of the musicians, an acoustic guitarist and singer named Gary (a 50-ish guy) became friends with one of the knitters so we got to know him a little better.  He played songs that most of us recognized so as he was playing in the cafe a couple of us, FW and me especially, sang along.  Well, Harmony closed, we followed Open Mic to a different venue but there were problems with the music part and the knitting place so we moved to the Community room in Goodwill and Open Mic kind of disappeared (I guess).  Gary's mom passed away a few weeks ago so LB brought a card to FNK for us all to sign to send to him and last night we got his version of a thank you note.  He showed up at Goodwill with his guitar and spent the evening serenading us.  FW and I, and others, sang and hummed along and we all loved listening.  I have to say that was the most unusual and enjoyable thank you note I've ever gotten.  We didn't stop knitting, laughing, or helping each other out with problems (both yarn and life related) but the soundtrack of the night was enriched by music that wasn't Muzak.  Thank you, Gary, that really made my week.

One of the things I brought up when I went prospecting downstairs yesterday was a skein of sock yarn to make one of the patterns in the new sock book I got.  It needed to be wound into a ball.  I carried up my ball winder but couldn't carry the swift too and really have no place to use it here in "the nest," so I employed the top of my walker until Durwood saw what I was doing on his way by to get the mail and volunteered his services as swift.  (he's way better at the job than the walker, plus he's fun to talk to; the walker's the strong silent type) Next I want to take the sock pattern book to Office Depot and have it coil-bound so it'll lay open flat and make it easier to knit from and copy patterns out of.  (It's legal to copy patterns from a book for your use, to mark them up and carry around--really)  I need to go to Office Depot today anyway as I have some gift certificate $$ that's expiring today.  It's twelve bucks, I'm not letting that go to waste.  That's a third of the cost of an ink cartridge.

Now that I had the hat yarn I wanted I cast on a hat for OJ and got to the brim rounds.  Hey, it's for a newborn, they're not very big so projects for them go fast.  Plus I'm a faster crocheter than knitter.

I always check the discount book table at Woodman's Foods for kids' books because LC is a reading fanatic.  I found an Old MacDonald one at Christmas with collage illustrations and a good sense of humor.  Look at the page about the goats.  The nanny goat is knitting sweaters for her kids and the sign over her head says "Knitting Demonstrations Every Hour on the Hour."  Too funny.

April 30--Turnbull/Boudreau, Flowers, Pond & Barn.

Lilies are blooming
down by the pond.
Bursts of orange,
yellow, white,
lipstick pink
thrust their trumpets
toward the sky,
release their intoxicating perfume
into the heavy summer air.

I love lilies.  I think they're my favorite flower.  I hope mine are coming up.  One of these days I'll be able to go out to check on them.  I want to plant a raft of milkweed and yank out all the weeds in the flower bed where they are.  Stupid broken ankle.  That is all.

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Aunt B said...

What a great way to say "thank you" to your FNK'ers. There are a lot of really nice people out there -- and your FNK'ers are among them.