Monday, April 18, 2016

All 40 Minutes of It

I planned to just do a little bit more of the chair yoga positions when I got settled in the kitchen this morning but the poses flow together so seamlessly and it was easy to adjust to favor my left ankle that I just kept going.  You see the lady on the left in the frame?  That's Edna and she's the person to follow if you can't do the full pose as demonstrated.  I'm Edna.  Not standing up to do any poses, not pressing my foot to the floor, I've got it propped on a pillow while I do the other things.  It felt good to move all my parts, especially my shoulders.  That was $15 well spent.

I cast on Sudoku Snow #8 and knitted a few rows.  Didn't get far because what I really wanted to knit on was this month's version of the Seamen's Cowl.  See?  I think there's bound to be a mariner who'll be tickled to get a bright warm cowl to keep the cold lake wind off his neck next winter, don't you?

Yesterday my brother, TW and his wife ARA, stopped by on their way home from church and stayed for a nice visit.  They brought a salted caramel kringle from Uncle Mike's bakery.  See the little triangle of rich yumminess on the corner of my lunch tray?  I was smart.  I cut the whole thing into serving sizes, put them on a tray in the freezer, and when I'm done here I'll wrap them in plastic wrap, bag them, and freeze them so we can pick out one each and not gobble the whole thing up in a couple days, thereby making ourselves good and sick.  OMG, that's so good.

Today is the last day I'll follow the "4 hour/ 3 hour" pill schedule.  Tomorrow they'll all be 4 hours apart.  The doc told me last week to slowly cut down on painkillers so, of course, I forged ahead going way overboard stretching out the time and making myself miserable.  I learned my lesson--slow and steady.

I told you I'd be keeping up my Bullet Journal and I am.  See?  Putting down everything, what I want to knit on that day, to blog, leg lifts before lights out, all the stuff I do so that I don't feel like I'm lying here wasting or just marking time.  And I'm getting brave enough to put in a terrible drawing now and again--only for the most important events, like last Friday's shower.  That totally deserved a drawing.

April 18--DGR Studio, Inc., DGR9524.

Above the reef that
teems with graceful, colorful life
a phalanx of pale, flabby snorkelers
churns the surface
like a centipede
on steroids.
They send out pulses
like dying carp,
everything hides.
Masks on foreheads in the shallows,
the tourists grumble,
"nothing to see down there,"
go to swill pre-made margaritas
from a Slurpee machine.

In case you're wondering, here's how the nightly prompt writing looks before it gets put on here.  Every night a new picture, every night a new poem.

Today is my brother-in-law RJ's birthday.  I'm not sure what number it is but I know for a fact that it's over 70.  One of these days he might even start acting his age.  Nah, probably not.  Enjoy your Monday.  I get to go get my blood drawn to check for... blood thinner levels.  Whoop.  Hasta la vista, babies.

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Aunt B said...

You are amazing -- getting so much accomplished while still be confined to the couch -- well, the kitchen chair too -- for your yoga. But what a great plan to be able to exercise while you're sitting down. I'm impressed. Very impressed.