Saturday, April 16, 2016

Things Are Getting Green Out There

I am not loving being stuck here on the couch while the whole world wakes up outside my window, as you can probably tell by now.  (whine, whine, whine)  I took a super-zoomed picture of green grass across the street.  Look, chlorophyll.  No leaves on anything woody yet but the tips of the twigs are getting plump.  Go, Spring!

We opened a couple windows yesterday to let real air infiltrate the Winter-stale corners of the place.  All I can say about that is, ahhhhh.

I got to go to Friday Night Knitting last night.  Hooray!  Durwood drove me over and LB met us at the door, wrestled the wheelchair out of the back of the van, and pushed me back to the community room where we meet.  It was easy to shift to one of their comfy chairs and find one with no arms to prop my cast up on.  I had a banner 2 hours talking and laughing with friends.  Made me feel like a real person again for a bit.  Then Durwood came back, LB delivered me back to the van, and she and MW put the chair back into the van and we drove off home.

Talking and laughing are good fertilizer for mindless knitting and I got up to the decreases on the Chinchilla Barley hat to go with the Hello Hamish cardi.  It's looking a little big to me but babies in our family are traditionally big-headed creatures  (gotta have a big cranium for all the smarts we stuff into the little critters) so this might be just the ticket.  I'll work to finish it today just in case Hamish is waiting until his knitted things from his Meemaw are ready for him to wear.  Removing impediments, real or imagined, that's my goal today.  Come on, Hamish, we can't wait to meet you, especially your mama who is ready for a more comfortable night's sleep.
Speaking of the Hello, Hamish cardi, I got the buttons sewed on yesterday.  Lordy, they're cute and just right for the sweater.  Love it.

The mailman brought my Chair Yoga for Seniors DVD yesterday. (I'm not too proud to put on that label; my Medicare card came in the mail the other day, it becomes effective August 1, plus whatever gets me moving a bit more, especially in my shoulders which are sore from all the walker-ing, I'm all for.)  I immediately slotted it into the laptop to try it out.  Even doing just 5 minutes, stretching my arms and shoulders, made a world of difference.  Right now I'm uploading it into a program on here so that I can load it onto my Kindle, which will be an easier vehicle to play it on since carrying things is a tad problematic these days what with needing both hands on the walker.

I spent a lot of yesterday redoing the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild (BLKG) Ravelry Projects page.  Instead of making catch-all categories like Charity Knitting or Show & Share, I sorted through my digital pix and entered each month's output as separate projects.  That way we can see what we've made to balance our good karma over the years.  Might as well make good use of my time on the couch, right?

April 16--Philip H. Coblentz, Enjo National Park, CA.

Aspen leaves litter the trail,
a scatter of doubloons
pays for this fine Autumn day.
Hawk circles the far peak
poised to cash in
on any chipmunk gathering
food for Winter.
The path plunges into
cool, coniferous dark
like a portal to 
the underworld.
My feet follow.

I think I'll call Amazon Customer Support for help getting my yoga video onto the Kindle and save myself an hour's frustration trying to remember how to do it myself.  Later, dudes & dudettes.

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