Saturday, October 27, 2012

The End *sigh*

Today's the last Farmer's Market of the 2012 summer season.  It's bone-chilling out there too.  I (being the brave and hardy half of this equation) braved the cold to procure one last basketful of veggie goodness for us before the snow flies.  (ugh, the snow's gonna fly one of these days pretty soon, there's no denying it)  Happily every vendor I wanted to be there was there, the Asian booth with the meatballs on the skewer Durwood likes and the crab rangoons I love were there, the tomato people whose wares keep Durwood in tomato toast all summer were there, and I was able to fulfill Durwood's parting plea for the week's veggies.  I bought parsnips (mmm, don't you love parsnips?), Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, carrots, tomatoes, butternut squash, and the snacks all for less than $20.  Now that's a successful trip to the market.  Sadly the crab rangoons didn't make it home... actually they didn't even make it out of the parking place at the market.

I had to pour a gallon of hot water on the birdbath to be able to remove the glacier it became overnight and install the heater so our birdies have water to drink all winter.  Fingers crossed that the heater we've had for at least 5 years still works.  That I'll know tomorrow morning if the birdbath isn't frozen solid again.  I need to go pick up the leaf blower that I lent to the lady that does my nails so I can finish de-leaf-ifying our yard this weekend.  I have to evict all the dead and dying plants from the yard, pots, and garden so that they'll be on the curb the next time the "stick" truck comes.  Here in the city they pick up yard waste and haul it away for you.  It's so much easier than cramming it into the back of the van and taking it to the dump myself.  Our tax dollars at work!  I'd really rather than a yard fairy came and did it all for me but there's no sign of one anywhere nearby so I guess I'm it.  I'm always it.  Sometimes I get tired of it.  Last night was the last yoga night at Harmony Cafe's knit night.  Our teacher has the opportunity to teach at a new studio on Friday nights for real money, not the $5/pp freewill donation from the 2-3 of us who are her knitting class of yogis.  I'm going to miss it but when you teach to support yourself you have to chase the moolah.  Plus that means she won't be knitting with us either, and there's not a lot of us left.  We'll deal.  Today's Photo a Day theme is "morning" which was perfect for my morning.  I planned to take a photo of the market anyway and now it fits.  This is the long line of frozen people waiting to buy coffee.  I was in the egg roll/crab rangoon line at the next booth.

I stayed up late instead of writing last night so that's all I have for you.  Enjoy your Saturday and stop over with your rake if you feel the need...

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