Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Don't Wanna...

... get outta bed, go to work.  I wanna stay home because it rained all day yesterday on my day off.  Today's Photo a Day theme is "emotion" and I lay in bed this morning looking out the window over my head and not wanting to get up so I grabbed my camera and took a picture of my view.  The emotion I'm depicting is reluctance; I was reluctant to get out of my warm bed and reluctant to get up and start my day.  Yesterday after Durwood's haircut and a quick lunch we went to Oshkosh to see the Ansel Adams exhibit at the Paine Art Museum; it was lovely, the photos and the building.  It was never a house which is sad, but it's laid out and furnished like it was with the most gorgeous woodwork you can imagine (they made their money in lumber).  No photos in there so I can't show you any of it.  We had to take our self-portrait photo out in the entryway.  We stopped at Penzeys and World Market in Appleton on the way back and managed to buy a few things in each one, of course, but not too much.  Then Durwood had a "buy one, get one" coupon for Huhot so that's where we went for supper.  I suggested that we drive back to Green Bay for supper since it was still raining and it'd be better to drive in daylight and rain than in the dark and rain.  He agreed.  I love Huhot, who wouldn't love a plate of mostly veggies with a little meat and a few noodles in Pad Thai sauce?  I went back for a second plate of mostly veggies and tried some of the sweet & sour sauce--not nearly as good to my taste but exactly what Durwood wanted.  (I just heard on the TV that it's supposed to rocket up to near 50 degrees today, better wear a sweater and long jeans)  Since we couldn't take photos of the photos I was glad to see that one of my favorites was on the promo postcard for the exhibit.  It's called Aspens.  (I recently learned that groves of aspens share a root system so they're really like all one tree... cool, huh?)  (holy schniekies, I just hit the "delete" key a few times thinking to clean up any stray spaces at this end and this whole thing disappeared, good thing there's an "undo" button too... I might need to lie down, I feel kinda dizzy, panic'll do that to ya)

October 10--Francis Frith, The Rameseum of El-Kurneh, Thebes.  Sand as far as the eye could see.  Everything was the same color in the midday sun.  On this overcast day everything looked flat without shadows for depth.  The men wore loose robes of cotton striped in white and gray looking like ghosts as they walked along beside the donkeys.  Clarissa watched the stiff brush of mane on the donkey she rode twitch from side to side as it plodded along.  The beast kept its head down, nodding as it walked along the stony track.

I was tired last night, darned tired, and it was nearly 11 PM so once I got those few words on the page it was "good night, Nellie."  Now I have to go take a shower because no one wants me to go to work (arrgh) like I am right now.  I'm dragging my feet both physically and metaphorically today.  Bah.
--Barbara Sue

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Aunt B said...

Love the pix of you two at the Ansel Adams exhibit. Both look very happy. You have an inquiring mind -- i.e. "done and gone" pronounced differently. Who decided how words are spelled and pronounced anyway??? OK - now your old Aunt B is "done and gone" - but only for today!!