Tuesday, October 9, 2012

And... It's Raining

We need rain, I know we do, but I'd really like it if it'd rain at night instead of when I want to be out walking, thanks.  I try to be a good steward of the Earth but it's hard when it's raining on something I want to do.  Also I found To Kill A Mockingbird's still on my iPod, it won't play on my iPod and won't let me convert it to whatever format would let it and when I try to transfer it to my Kindle which will play mp3s all I get is the file name and no talking.  And I discovered that the library has another way I can download audiobooks for free and I CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT even though I put the app on my iPod, and it's making me mad.  Plus my wireless mouse has become uber-sensitive so it's making things happen all on its own.  Gah.  This seems to be Frustration Day around here.  Is there a patron saint for that?  Or one that fixes frustration?  I'm about ready to pray.  One bright spot of the day is that Durwood and I are driving down to Oshkosh later (about 55 miles) to see an Ansel Adams exhibit at the Paine Art Museum there.  We took so many landscape photos on our trip and Durwood especially worked to frame his so they were postcard-worthy that when I heard the commercial for the special exhibit I suggested we go.  And I suggested we go today because we need to get outta here and DO something together.  Durwood's had the blahs and so have I so we'll drive away for a fun afternoon and be all better.  *confident nod*  If we weren't going I'd closet myself down in the basement and sew the day away.  Or knit.  And eat.  All the wrong things.  Mm, like warm crusty bread with butter and cheese, or bowls of pretzels, or... nope, it'd be the bread not sweets today.  Maybe a sausage biscuit from Mickey D's...  (Stop that, Barbara Sue [she's the naughty one, you know], just stop it. You get mad when the Wii says you gain and yet you stuff your face, stop thinking about food all the time, just stop it.)  Moving on.  Today's Photo a Day theme is "red."  Red's my favorite color, it's all around me, do you think it was easy to find a photo today?  No, it was not.  I went out the front door, out the back patio door, looked around the house--snap, snap, snap--looked at what I took and finally settled on the first one of my red mums right next to the front stoop with a red maple leaf tangled in them.  The leaves are fading and falling fast, soon all there'll be are naked trees with blankets of leaves at their feet (until I rake or blow them, that is).  *sigh*  Autumn goes too fast.

October 9--Maurice Brazil Prendergast, Low Tide, Beachmont.  Tally kept an eye on the time.  She read the tide tables in the newspaper and got ready for low tide in plenty of time.  She'd load all her bottles and collecting gear either in the wagon if Hildy wasn't using it or her canvas Army surplus knapsack.  She tried to stash the wagon under the back steps so it'd be there when she wanted it but Hildy knew all her hiding places.  Tally kept her specimens in their jars of alcohol or formalin on the shelves of her room.

Okay, youse guys, that's all for today.  I'm off to... to... to do something.  See ya.

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Aunt B said...

Oh frustration!!!You've got the bots!! Hope the day trip to Oshkosh is just what the doctor ordered and you get some good shots of the Ansel Adams stuff. P.S. Red is my favorite color too! When you visit down here next year, you'll love my red kitchen.