Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm In A Fog...

... no really, it's foggy today, see?  Today's Photo a Day theme is "weather" and luckily we've got some that shows up on "film."  It isn't very thick but it's pretty good, fog-wise, it's more interesting than just plain see-through air anyway.  If I can't have lightning and driving rain to take pictures of... or a blizzard... or dark, angry, rolling clouds, that is.  Fog is good for me, is it good for you?  (gah, I swallowed wrong, stupid drop of coffee making me cough and my eyes water)  Well, I took my first thyroid pill this morning.  The doc says it'll ramp up my metabolism and give me more energy.  Faster metabolism I can use, more energy? not so much.  Durwood already scolds me for not sitting down much, I don't think I can stand much more busy-ness.  Although I did pretty much sit on my duff yesterday.  I made a few phone calls (so exhausting) and got my mammo (not quite as painful as in years past but still...), got a new set of acrylic nails applied (because the old ones were so loose that I had algae, ALGAE!, growing under one thumbnail--eesh)  (Holy Jesus, I just hit the "backspace" key and everything above here disappeared, even the title.  Good thing I discovered the "undo" arrow up there on the toolbar otherwise I'd be under the desk crying right now. [ho, give me a minute... *hand on chest*]), and sewed together a tiny knitted keyring purse I made Monday night.  It's cute, but what a putzy pain in the needles it is to make.  I'll probably make more just because the only way Michaels sells split-rings the size I needed (1.25") is in a 20-pack, so I have 19 left over, and it's not like I don't have a whole 2-gallon ziptop bag of Z-Dawg's leftover sock yarn as raw materials either.  Okay, I've about talked myself into it; I'll think about it.  I get to work today.  I suspect I'll have few if any customers.  I'm tempted to take some fabric, batting, lots of pins, and my portable sewing machine to put together a linen & flannel blankie.  Not for anyone, just because I have the stuff and I want to.  Oh mercy, I just remembered that I left my newest knitted shawl downstairs soaking in wool wash.  I'd better finish this and go save it.

October 24--Nigeria, Saltcellar.  It looks like some odd type of three-legged race.  Three men not the same heights working to carry a basket of salt on their heads while wearing swords and carrying spears.  I imagine them talking as they move along.  "Step this way, Benin.  No, left."  "I'm trying, Edo.  My left or yours?"  "Bini, move your spear, I nearly stumbled over it."  Six legs and three heads all trying to work together, each one looking in a different direction.  It would be a great feat of balance and cooperation.  Could you do it?  I never could.

They just said on the TV that it's snowing in Yellowstone.  Yuk.  I've been wishing I was there, mostly because we had such a great time out there but also because I'm planning to put my NaNoWriMo novel there next month so I've been reading about the park, and now that it's snowing I'm not.  Simple as that--no snow, yes, snow, now.  Fickle, aren't I?  Have a day, I have to go rescue my shawl.


BFayBooks said...

Fog here too! Love it!
Picture of your little purse too cute! Love it!

Zoe said...

The Undo arrow is wonderful... and so is Ctrl Z (hold the control key and press "Z") This does the same thing. I use it as a quick backstep because I sometimes fear the computer will forget my last step if I take too long to undo it. :)

Also there's Ctrl Y which redoes what you undid if you realize that you really wanted to do it anyway.