Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Got A Tiny Bit Of Money?

Then have I got the purse for you.  I found this teeny, tiny purse pattern on Ravelry on Monday and couldn't help myself.  At home that night I found that I do indeed own size US1 straight and DPN needles, and I've got a 2-gallon ziptop bag of Z-Dawg's sock yarn leftovers, so I was toast casting-on-wise.  See, if I'd have had to wait until I bought or borrowed some needles that tiny maybe I'd have come to my senses.  Instead I fished out one of the wee balls of yarn and cast on.  I changed the instructions telling me to make 2 pieces, front & back, and made one piece, not reading ahead to see that I needed to make a couple stitches as shaping.  Next time (and there will be another time; the keyring came in a 20-pack so I have 19 left) I'll be using Double Points so that I can make it without side seams at all and be able to do the shaping stitches between needles instead of trying figure out how to tuck them in the middle and not doing it very well.  Instead of making 6" of 2-stitch I-cord to form into a flower shape, I'm not completely insane (... no comments), I found an old button and put that on it.  I like the way it looks; I don't know what I'll do with more of them but I do like 'em.

I'm also making good progress on the second mitered square of the afghan for AddCinHub's coming grand-baby.  I'm really liking the colors and the knitting.  The yarn's chain-plied so it doesn't split and it's easy to knit with--thanks for giving me such great yarn, Skully, I'm totally buying you lunch next week, no arguments.  None.  I can't hear you.  Lalalalalalala.

It's week #43 of the Maple Tree Scarf and I've taken out the green.  *sigh*  I was tired of green, really I was, but I'm still sad to see it go.  I have some yarn that's variegated brown, gold, and orange--excellent for representing an autumn tree.   Soon I'll be back to merely brown and black with a little lichen-gold mixed in; then there'll be snow to add in.  At least I'm hoping there will be.  Wait!  Don't be mad, I don't want to shovel and snowblow any more than the rest of you but the bay of Green Bay's water level is so low and the farmers need it in the ground, so we need a snowy winter.  Really, we do.

No sewing today, maybe on the weekend.

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Aunt B said...

sLove that maple tree scarf.