Monday, October 1, 2012

I Have Knitting To Show You

The knitting, it seems to come and go lately, and last week it came.  We're swinging into one of the least busy times of year in the dive shop so I had lots of hours to knit on Bandwagon Afghan Block #10 at work.  So many hours that I kind of stressed out my left forearm muscles.  Good thing I have an elastic sleeve support thing-y for when I do that sort of thing to myself.

After a summer of unrelenting shades of green knitted into my Maple Tree Scarf, it was time to snip the latest green yarn and tie in a green/orange/burgundy/purple variegated skein remnant.  The sock yarn that I've been using for about the last month has a light avocado, orange, and purple in it so I've been using that to represent the colors of the first leaves that turned.  Now the color change has gone too far so it's time to let green begin to fade out of the scarf.  I unrolled the whole thing this morning and took a picture of it.  It's long, very long.  I wonder how I'm going to wear it.  I wonder how I'm going to take a picture of it all.  Maybe I can make a mosaic photo like they do when they put together a shipwreck picture.  It's week #41, which means I have 11 more weeks to go, so about 77 more garter ridges before I bind off on New Year's Eve.  I think I'm going to be glad to be finished with this thing.

I gave into an urge on Friday and cast on a Wingspan with the wool/silk/mohair yarn I bought at Rebelle the last time we were in Lexington.  Following the notes I made last time I cast on the full 99 stitches and got started.  Too big.  So on Saturday morning early I frogged what I'd knitted at Friday Night Knitting and cast on 90 stitches.  I got a few rows done while watching TV Saturday night and last night.  This morning before the photo shoot I measured what I have against the previous Wingspan I made to discover that the Rebelle Wingspan wedges are going to be twice as big as the Redux.  I wouldn't mind except I have only 4 skeins of the yarn, no one is selling any of this color out of their stashes in Ravelry and I don't really want to buy more yarn anyway.  So that means I'll be frogging this second effort and scaling back to 75 stitches (needs a multiple of 3) which is halfway between the first shawl's 60 stitches and the too-long 90 stitches I currently have.  Time will tell.  I do love this yarn.  Love the colors, love the size of it, love how it feels.  Knits up nice too.  It's going to look lovely--if I can ever get the stitch count right.  *sigh*  I saw one in the gallery of Wingspans on Ravelry knitted in black & white like this and the knitter used red for the finishing rows of garter across the top.  Oooh, tempting.  I must have some red yarn I can use for that.  (don't get too far ahead of yourself, Barbara, just simmer down and enjoy the journey) 

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