Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rainy & Windy... Yep, Autumn's Here

Part of me wants to go to the Farmer's Market and part of me wants to snuggle down on the couch with my flannel blankie and ignore the day, but I can't.  I've got DD & DIL1 coming over to help make sauerkraut and that means I have to go get cabbage.  *sigh*  Lately I'd just like to turn out the lights, flip over the "closed" sign, and withdraw from everything.  These are the times when I understand what Durwood means when he tells me I need to relax, to quit trying to do everything, but then I just keep moving.  "Wet weather's in the forecast" that's what the weather guy just said on the TV in the kitchen  "cloudy and wet today and tomorrow" oh goodie, I should be under the table, perky-wise, all weekend.  I wish I had a cave to crawl into, one with a big rock to roll across the door once I'm in there, but I don't.  There's always the basement to retreat to but there's that cabbage calling my name and I'm meeting friends to knit with tomorrow afternoon so no retreating to the cave for me, I guess.  The Photo a Day theme today is "landscape" and I don't want to take a picture of my current landscape.  I'd like to take a picture of the underwater landscape in Bonaire, or the mountainous and steaming landscape in Yellowstone National Park, or the peaceful and contemplative landscape of The Clearing.  Instead here I am where the rain is spitting, the wind is sharp, and the leaves are falling like snow.  Bah.  And yet, when I went out to take a picture of the depressing landscape out my front door, there's a rosebud on Dad's rosebush out front.  How can I be in a funk when a red rose can still bloom?  Pull yourself up by your bra straps, Barbara Sue, and get over yourself.
October 13--Egypt, Taweret Amulet.  Lila sat at the base of the dune happy to be in the shade.  She didn't care if she ever saw another tomb or hieroglyph for the rest of her days.  She just wanted to be cool.  Cool, and not sweaty or sunburned, and she had definitely had enough of sand.  Sand went everywhere.  Not only did it fill her shoes but it got inside her socks, into the pockets of her slacks, and even in her ears.  Her ears, for god's sake.

I have to take a shower then go get cabbage.  Talk among yourselves.


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Aunt B said...

Maybe you have "seasonal depression". I know, I never heard of that either but my SIL said her husband has it so I've decided that's my problem as well. I've always felt down in October -- even if it isn't raining. Plus, it's the month that Marl "ran away and joined the circus". (Another phrase I'm stealing from an old friend.)