Monday, October 29, 2012

So... the Moon

That's today's Photo a Day theme, "moon," I'm assuming because today's the full moon, called the Harvest Moon by nearly everyone even if in this part of the world the harvest's long over.  The moon was still up peeking through the big fir tree next door when I put the shade up so, just for you, I quick got dressed and scooted out in the below freezing dark (28 degrees, brrr) to crunch across the frosty leaves and grass to take some pictures.  I have less luck getting what I want with a digital camera than a film camera but you can't beat a digital camera for the immediacy of seeing what you take so you can try again right away.  I keep changing the "scene" setting trying to make it do what I want it to and sometimes I'm even successful.  We had a football game in town yesterday (the Packers even won) so that meant there was a flyover for me and this time I was ready to snap its picture.  I freakin' love it when those big loud fighter planes come over my house.  Love. It.  Then I spent some time out in the autumn sunshine clearing out the dead flowers, ferns, and tomato plants.  I thought about blowing or raking the leaves too but decided to save that gem of a chore for another day, tomorrow maybe.  I treated us to Mickey D's double cheeseburgers and shared fries for lunch because... well... because I wanted to and because on Friday when we were coming home from Durwood's latest doctor visit it was lunch time and I suggested we stop at Taco Bell and he said McDonald's but we were already past McDonald's so instead of turning around we went to Taco Bell but then the thought of a cheeseburger burrowed into my brain and wouldn't leave me alone.  So I had to go and I strong-armed Durwood into agreeing to eat a cheeseburger if I brought him one without mustard.  (it wasn't really all that hard)  We split a small order of fries.  And I got a mocha frappe.  I know, I'm weak.  I am helpless before Mickey D's frappes.  I didn't share it either.  I'm weak... and bad.  (C'mon, sunshine, rise up and melt the frost... please)  It's a work day and PAY day so I should get a move on so I can eat breakfast, shower, dress and go off to keep the world safe from SCUBA diving.

October 29--Panama, Chiriqui, Double Bat-Head Figure Pendant.  They emerge from the trees like scraps of the night flitting to catch insects drawn to the flickering porch light.  Their little pink tongues plow furrows in the saucer of sugar he leaves out for them.  Our upstairs neighbors hate that he feeds them.  "They have rabies," I hear them say as they hustle indoors to avoid them.  I try to tell them that the bats, they look like flying kittens to me, eat mosquitoes but they just shake their heads and glare.

Aunt B, I hope your hatches are all battened even though it looks like you'll dodge the Hurricane Sandy bullet.  Stay safe!
--Barbara Sue

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Aunt B said...

Thanks for thinking about us but the hurricane was a non-event down here. We didn't even move the furniture off the deck!!! Sooooo much worse up north. I feel for those people. Feel for you too because it sounds very COLD up there!!