Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Called It...

...yesterday morning; I had exactly zero paying customers at work yesterday.  Two guys did come in for info--one for getting certified to dive and one looking for winter trip info--but neither of them bought anything.  The good thing was that they weren't there simultaneously, like my only two Monday customers.  Do they gather in the parking lot just so they can all come in at once?  Sometimes I think so.  I know they wait until I heat up my lunch soup before they come in, even if I wait until 1 o'clock to do it.  It got so warm yesterday and it stayed warm last night, we even slept with the windows open a bit.  That's a major concession for Durwood, he's always cold.  I got home from work and the library yesterday and he was in a flannel shirt.  The house was open, front window and patio door, and the kitchen ceiling fan was on but he was in long-sleeved flannel.  It amazes me that we can tolerate each other, much less live together.  It was 70 degrees last night at 10 PM, crazy weather for October, and it's supposed to go back there this morning, but later in the afternoon it's supposed to start its downward slide and barely make it into the 40s way into next week.  I'd like to have today off to enjoy the last bit of warm weather for the season but, no, I have to go keep the world safe from SCUBA diving.  I'll be taking this laptop along so I can upload the raft of audiobooks I've got and transfer them to my iPod.  I think I'm going to take most, if not all the music off of it since I don't listen to music with it, I only listen to stories on it.  Maybe I can convert the music to mp3 and fong it onto my Kindle Fire; that's really what I listen to music on, when I do which is hardly ever, but there's more storage on the Kindle and I can prop it up and make it tell me stories when I'm sewing in the basement.  I can listen on the iPod but I don't have any speakers (Christmas present hint, hint, hint) so I'm constantly snagging the earbuds on things and jerking it out of my ear.  Today's Photo a Day theme is "people" and I don't have any.  People, I mean.  Well, I do have people; I have Durwood and DS and DD and DILs 1 & 2; those are my immediate people, but none of them are around right now for me to take their picture.  Durwood went back to bed in his bed so I can't even take his picture while he's reading the paper.  I think I'll scroll back in the archives and find a good "people" picture there.  I know it's kind of cheating because the whole idea is to take a new picture every day but today I just can't.  I want to get this blogging done and there're no people handy.  You'll just have to deal, people.  (ha!  there're more of my people, my reader people, but I can't take your picture either *sigh* thwarted at every turn)

October 25--Egon Schiele, Seated Woman, Back View.  She was always such a mess, sitting on the floor half-dressed, with her knickers showing for all to see.  Claudia wasn't a girl any longer.  She was way past the days when anyone thought it was charming and unsophisticated, now she looked frowzy and overblown.  She had taken to dying her hair the most improbable orange color and her clothes... well, her clothes looked like she pulled them out of the rag bag.  I don't know why he'd chose to draw and paint her instead of me; she's a mess.

Aha, I wondered why the narrator had it in for her; she's jealous.  Women!  Avoid them if you can, especially in groups, they're pretty much poison.  I can say this because I am one and I know.  I avoid me like the plague.  See you tomorrow.
--Barbara Sue

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Aunt B said...

So glad you found that old picture of us "people". That was a fun visit that time, wasn't it? Remember -- you recited that poem at lunch and I got all choked up and cried! Weird weather. We're battening down for a brush by this late hurricane.