Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Did I scare you?  I'm not very scary, I startle people but usually not scare them even if I think I can be scary at times.  Happy Halloween!  We've got our goodies all ready for today's trick or treaters to come ringing the doorbell.  I think it'll be mostly Durwood answering the door and handing them out because I have to work until 5 o'clock and they're supposed to come between 3 o'clock and 6 o'clock.  I think.  I have to check the hours in the paper to make sure.  The Photo a Day theme today is "whatever you please" so I'm pleased to show you our Halloween treats all ready for the little beggars.  We usually don't get too many so Durwood was careful to get bags of candy that we like.  There's not much candy that I don't like (more's the pity) but he made good choices.  (I didn't put the bag of Almond Joy in the bowl; that's his fave, in fact he's already made inroads)   Here's a good thing--one week from today the elections will be over.  That means that our phone will rarely ring, and the PACs (political action committee) and candidates will go back under their rocks for a year or so.  I am horrified at how much money is spent to get someone elected, or not, the loser spends a ton too, and how much money/influence rich people can exert through the PACs.  You can only donate a little bit, maybe 10 grand, directly to the candidate but if you find a PAC that supports them the sky's the limit.  In what way is that ethical?  Moving on.  Speaking of the sky, lately I've been fixated on watching sunrise and sunset.  The colors are breathtaking and the color of the light is otherworldly.  I go out and take pictures every day; I can't help myself.  The last couple days the full moon's been shining through the big fir tree next door but today it was too cloudy so I didn't get to look at it.  I like looking at the sky, like looking at the clouds and stars and seeing the birds swirl and flap up there.  (And here're the garbologists picking up the trash.  Thanks, guys.)  Maybe I'll be a sky watcher when I retire.  I can sit out there in all kinds of weather and all times of day recording and reporting on the doings up there.  You know, just random observations about light and wind and precipitation and the habits of birds.  Doesn't that sound like an excellent retirement pursuit?  I'd have to talk about the sounds too like rain and thunder and blowing leaves and honking geese and other bird songs.  Did you know that hummingbirds make sounds?  They do, they make a kind of pipping sound when something's in their way.  Anyway, I should wind this up and go make ready for the day.  Maybe I can find something to Halloween myself up for work today, not that anyone will see me, probably, but it'd be the thought, right?  (there go the garbologists up the other side of the street... see you next Wednesday, guys, when you bring the recycling truck too)  Sunday's the next Family Supper, only this time it'll be a brunch during the Packer game, over at DS & DIL1's.  We're tasked with bringing some kind of pastry or breakfast bread.  Durwood's considering making Mother Malcolm's Coffeecake, but he's also found a recipe for Chocolate Almond quick bread that I think should be in the running... then there's the Honey-Moon Crescents made with tubed crescent dough, cream cheese, and honey... or the Bubble Bread that's balls of dough dredged in cinnamon sugar and drenched in maple syrup, raised and baked in a Bundt pan.  (can you tell he got a new Taste of Home cookbook yearbook?)  I voted for them all.  I'll let you know what he chooses.  There'll be photos too.

October 31--Caspar David Freidrich, Two Men Contemplating the Moon.  Silver light drew her up the hill.  She watched the puffs of her breath hesitate in the chilly night before she walked through them on her way to the top of the hill.  I had been at least five years since she'd been out to Uncle Mac and Aunt Nita's old place and she'd missed it.  The house, empty for those years, looked like no one had spent a minute keeping it up.  It took all her nerve to reach into the hollow tree for the key to Uncle Mac's secret hiding place but she had and the lock had finally turned with a rusty squeal of protest.

Sorry, I haven't got a clue what's in the shed or what she's climbing the hill to find or see.  Choose your own adventure today.  Time for the getting ready routine.  Hasta la vista, babies.

--Barbara Sue

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