Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Look How Late It Is Already! (lots of pix)

This day's really gotten away from me.  When I got up I spent some time out and about our yard taking snaps of the blooming things and the pretty things because the Photo a Day theme today is "lunchtime" and I was sure I'd get my post posted before then.  I didn't.  I ran off and got my nails done, then when I got home it was nearly time to take Durwood for his latest test that took over 2 hours (get yourselves together, people), we swung by Burger King for Whopper Jr.s & fries, ate it, and here I am.  *pant, pant*  I'm hoping to do a little sewing yet today since I cut out a "practice" shirt at work yesterday, and maybe even make some headway on the September Block of the Month quilt blocks.  (Yeah, yeah, I know it's October, but only the second day of.)  I'll get there.  I'm kind of intimidated by the curved pieces of the Drunkard's Path blocks which is what the September ones are all about plus I just haven't had the time to devote to them.  I am such a trial to myself.  Anyway, I was looking at the maple tree (I'm always looking at that tree, it's so gorgeous right now) and wondered what it'd look like if I took its picture from the inside.  It was interesting.  Then I looked at the mums across the front of the house, then the gorgeous apples on the eye doctor's tree, and the plumes of fountain grass (NOT the bad, invasive phragmites kind) that I planted around the ugly streetlight pole on the lot corner.  See?  Pretty.  I love this weather, cool & sunny.  It doesn't last long but it's worth savoring.

October 2--Ogata Korin, Eight Bridges.  The dark purple irises were in bloom as Mica crossed the last bridge.  She had walked the three miles from the train station in the village where her parents had lived and died.  She stood on the wooden planks, shifting from foot to foot, not sure she wanted to step off, not sure if she was ready to faced the empty house and ruined fields that were all that remained of where she'd grown up.  She felt the vibrations of the footsteps before she head the voices approach from behind.  The first villagers that past her only glanced at her out of the corner of their eyes as they made their way by.  Not until Cana and Abilene came did anyone speak to her.  "Standing right smack dab in the way," said Cana, never one to be direct.  Abilene didn't have time to waste getting her point across.  "Mica girl, don't you think you could let these tired people pass?"  It's good to be home, she thought.

Okay, that's it.  I'm going to go sew.  See ya.
--Barbara Sue

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